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How We Work

Rice Local’s Op-Star team is ready to help you get control of your domains, fix your hosting, website SEO and content issues, capture your story, and then optimize your brand for local search and social engagement.

Our methodology delivers proven business results! 

Domain Management

After our initial discovery conversation, our team immediately gets to work for you. We start by identifying the technical issues that impact your search rankings. Then we evaluate your current online presence, website, brand positioning and media assets so we can recommend short and long term improvements to increase engagement and sales.

Website Updates

Once we have taken stock of everything, we will present you with an analysis on your current position. Then, we will create a comprehensive strategy with tangible milestones to help you meet and exceed your goals based on your resources, locations, branded content, and your overall goals, gap, and the capacity for new business, and budgets via local directional and creative media.

On-Boarding and Content Strategy

Once you agree with the plan, you will know exactly what steps we will be taking together to grow your
business. We are 100% transparent. We'll need your help to succeed, whether that means participating in interviews, being in videos and/or photo shoots, or providing us with information on your business. You'll know exactly how to participate in the process. We'll learn exactly what makes you special and why.

Multi-Channel Marketing Media Production

With the plan in place, our team will keep you informed and engaged. We’ll execute content, media, and local search strategies that produce immediate results for your business. We will meet and exceed all the milestones and ensure that you are seeing the difference in your leads and ultimately more revenue and sales from the work we do.

Ad Campaign Expansion and Measurement

We may be carrying out your strategy, but you’re in the driver’s seat. We help you get control of your internet presence with easy-to-use tools and targeted analytics that give you the necessary insight to make smart business decisions. We provide rank data, conversion data, and call tracking with all of our campaigns.

Results and Refinement

We continually measure our results and focus on the most effective way to reach your customer base. Once we identify where marketing efforts are having the most impact, we PUSH in that direction. We believe that before you add more marketing channels you need an inventory of media and content assets to win big.

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Build Your Brand


Our expert full-service team can design your logo, tell your story, and showcase your staff. We can help you get recognized by profiling satisfied customers, promoting your partners, and helping you with social media engagement.

Get Domain Control


Did you know that your hosting and domain name can make a difference in your search rankings? Rise Local can help you get control over your website domain, hosting, and other assets.

Corporate Communications


Let us help you make platform decisions to encourage sales and more efficient SEO. We can configure domain-based email, virtual offices like Slack and Zoom, manage onboard training, and configure mobile devices.

Local Search Optimization


Our team can optimize your Google listings, configure your Google account, correct location data, and integrate your applications. We can also improve your online reputation by mitigating bad reviews.

Video, TV, and Print Media Production


We can help you develop a media content marketing plan and strategically share your content. We collect proof of work, streamline customer testimonials, define your search audiences and service areas, and cater to your target market.

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Our Team is Really Our Family

Our founders, Mike Stewart and John O’Grady have nearly 20 years of experience helping local businesses grow. While working together at SuperPages.com, they were pioneers in assisting small businesses to embrace digital marketing. Mike has won several national awards for leading the country in digital media sales. However, he wasn’t doing it for the accolades. He knew that digital marketing was the best solution for his clients.

What makes Rise Local different is more than value, it is the experience of working with a team of experts who have a heart for locally-owned multi-generational companies.

We Support Local Business

These Are Just A Few Of The Businesses We Work With.

Why Do You Need to Work with Rise Local SEO?

We Are Really Good at Being SMB Local Search Marketing Partners.


  • Over 21 Years in Experience w/ Local Search
  • High-Quality Hosting Standards
  • Leading Local Search Experts
  • Flexible Subscription Pricing
  • Omni-Channel Marketing Solutions
  • Digital TV Advertising and Geo-Fencing Campaigns


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