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Marketing Blueprints

Hey, this isn’t rocket science. You just need a plan. These Marketing Blueprints describe our proven online processes and supporting services that have worked for thousands of small businesses like yours. Go ahead. First your webmaster and marketing guru. You don’t need em’ anymore.*

* unless your webmaster or marketign guru is smart enough to use our Marketing Blueprints.

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Before you do any marketing you need some core content. Here is exactly what you need to get started.

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With Podum anyone can build an awesome looking website in a few hours that looks great and won’t break your bank.

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Your story and location are two things compeitors can never copy. Here is how to use them to dominate local search results.

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More than 5k a month in ad spend? Here are some ways to maximize lead volume and lower your costs.

Location Marketing is the fastest way to get more phone calls and leads in the door. 

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