5 Reasons Why a Domain Email is Crucial for Business Success

by Jun 27, 2019Business, Domains

One of the main goals when establishing your company and creating a brand is to ensure that potential customers know exactly who you are (and that you look professional). Just as you would have a custom URL for your website instead of johnsbusiness.wordpress.com, you also need a professional email address to ensure consistent branding. 

Domain Emails Show Credibility

Having your own domain email address not only makes your company look professional, but gives it more credibility. It’s common sense that in business, maintaining a professional image is vital for keeping your customers’ trust and appearing credible online. When potential customers contact you for any questions (or if you reach out to them or to other businesses), seeing john280475@hotmail.com is not very… credible. 

However, seeing john@texasplumbing.com definitely looks professional and will catch the attention of potential customers and partners. Routing your email through your business’s domain name shows that your business is legitimate and well-established.

Manage Employees and Have Control

Having your own business email address completely organizes your system. When creating a domain email address for your business, you can easily create multiple addresses for your employees and allow for new employees to conveniently join. Additionally, you have the ability to monitor inactive emails and adjust accordingly.

Another benefit: email control. What happens when, say, your marketing manager leaves and takes her personal email with her? If she was using it for business in your organization, you won’t be able to access those emails.

However, if you set up an account under her name, you can simply redirect all emails to your new marketing manager. On the other hand, you could also create a generic email for certain roles like marketingmanager@texasplumbing.com. This makes it easy for any new hires to simply take over that account and just change the display name to theirs.

No Spam is Always Good!

One of the main benefits of a business email address is the security. Email addresses are, unfortunately, the prime target of spammers and malware viruses. When conducting business online, you become a target for dangerous online malware that aims to access important information. When you set up your business domain email with Rise Local, you become resistant to the viruses that endanger your online presence.

No Storage Limitations

When you create a business domain email address, you can create as many emails as you want. Even if you’re a one-person operation, you can create emails for different roles and positions like sales, customer service, orders, and the like. This gives the impression to potential customers that your company is larger than it is (which isn’t a bad thing!). 

And, as a perk, if you do one day hire for those roles, it’s easy to simply assign those addresses to them.


When building a professional brand for your business, first impressions are important. Very important. Email is one of the most common forms of communication with potential clients, and therefore leaves a lasting impression. A professional domain email address creates a sense of trust, credibility, and memorability. On top of that, when you also have a credible website, potential customers trust you.

Get Started With Rise Local

The bottom line is: a good domain email address can go a long way towards building your business and reputation. That, in turn, results in more customers—and better sales. First impressions are absolutely everything; and how potential customers first see you determines whether or not they want to work with you. Not only does a custom email address deliver professionalism, but it allows users to send and receive emails consistent with your business’s brand.

If you take yourself seriously as a business owner, it is vital that you create a custom email address.While there are multiple options, Rise Local offers secure email hosting as your web hosting provider. Contact us to learn about how we can help establish your online presence and expand your business today.


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