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Mike Stewart began in 2010 when he founded an SEO and link building company to give rise to local businesses. Working closely with PPC and paid search expert Kevin Adams, Mike began noticing problems with providers upselling services and overcharging for utilities he could provide affordably and more efficiently. Thus, Mike partnered up with fellow industry expert John O’Grady and began offering web hosting services via Zonedock in 2014—when Rise Local was born.

Today, Rise Local continues to move clients away from problematic web hosts and towards unrestricted digital marketing success. Working exclusively with business owners and supporting our agency partners, Rise Local focuses on building our building own website hosting architecture standard which garners success for our clients. We have expanded to over 100 clients in 2017, and as of 2019, host over 350 websites—and counting.

Who we are

Our team

The innovative team at the Rise Local digital marketing operations center is comprised of street-smart marketing industry veterans and subject matter experts, with decades of digital experience and a focused operations support staff.

Each team member—a ground-breaking innovator in their own field—works together in pioneering creative ways to tell your story, blending strategy with expertise. The Rise Local team of leaders each utilize their individual talents and professions to come together and deliver your message to the right people, at the right time.

Meet us

Who we are

Whether a leader, creative artist, engineer, developer, writer, or marketing expert, each team member at Rise Local comes together and makes magic.

John O’Grady

CEO & Co-Founder

John straddles a thin line between running the business and directing the operations. He is a team leader with a passion for innovation and platform improvements. 

Mike Stewart

CMO & Co-Founder

A true entrepreneur at heart, Mike is a 20-year veteran of local media. You won’t find a marketer more dedicated to your success than Mike. He is a multi-talented sales pro.

Kevin Adams

Director of Paid Media 

Since 2004, Kevin stayed up-to-date on the latest tricks, tools, and trends in digital marketing and especially paid search. He is an expert at making clients more money.

Chandler Hopper

Content Marketing Manager

To keep the content publishing drum beating in rhythm, it really pays to have organizational superpowers. Chandler keeps her email inbox close to empty.

Haleh Hajebian

Content Strategist & Copywriter

An animated and multilingual wordsmith. Haleh captures the story and brings it to life. She is a skilled researcher and has a warm heart.

Janna Weiss

Content Strategist & Copywriter

Veteran freelance writer and proofreading connoisseur. Janna puts in writing the formula for client marketing. Never duplicating local SEO copy.

Sabrina Bernardo

Local Search Project Manager

Presence management is all details. Sabrina tracks down duplicates and manages thousands of profiles using the tools like Data Aggregators and Yext. 

Max Pecina

Media Producer & Videographer

Capturing the moment is more than being in the right place on time. Max has an eye for what looks right and the tenacity to build on your brands true efficacy.

Jeanne Peterson

Social Media Marketing Project Manager

A growth-oriented, analytical leader who manages new marketing plans and social media content. Jeanne is super skilled at implementing process improvements.

Ben Nuru

Website Designer & Developer

A developer, engineer, creator. Ben builds engaging and interactive platforms from the ground up. He has become a master of content publishing and layout design. 

Chris Moore

Sr Application & Website Developer

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