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Not a Typical "Agency"

Built by technical operations people who scale well with total transparency.

Forward Thinking

Experience means you are always thinking ahead and learned from the past.

Problem Solvers

Advanced web practices and solutions over 15 years, ask about our processes!

Customer Support

We work around the clock even when businesses don’t because we also host.

More About Us

Rise Local is the creator of Podum, the complete local business marketing platform for businesses of any size.  

Founded in 2010, as a Dallas Texas born-and bred local business, we have been serving businesses in North Texas for decades. We have built constructed an advanced technological web infrastructure that supports local brands and launches them into new marketing channels and opportunities and growth quickly and efficiently. 

  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • Customer Satisfaction 94%
  • Hosting and Utilities 88%
  • Copy and Content 86%
  • Brand Strategy 85%
  • App Development 66%
John O'Grady

John O'Grady

CEO & Co-Founder

John oversees the operations and business. “Are you buying or selling?”

Mike Stewart

Mike Stewart


Mike is responsible for Rise Local’s sales and marketing. Schedule a demo with him by clicking here.



Operations Analyst

Carl is an order taker. He processes location master profiles, gathers content, and submits orders through our platform.