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Welcome to a Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency


In 2015, Mike and John started working together to create a platform and refine the process to help local business owners attract and close business with their ideal customers. 

Meet The Owners

Your Local Dallas Marketing And SEO Experts

Rise Local is a digital marketing agency based in Dallas, that specializes in SEO. We grew out of Status26 Inc. which was launched in 2015 when the founders decided they wanted to work together to help small businesses and startups navigate digital marketing issues. They were determined to bring fresh ideas and solutions to the digital marketing industry. 

Rise Local “officially” started in 2010 and has evolved and been growing rapidly ever since. We now manage over 150 companies’ hosting, SEO, digital marketing, social media management, and content creation needs. Mike and John, the founders of Rise Local, perfected a local marketing strategy to help local businesses attract leads and convert them into quantifiable sales. With our revolutionary hosting and server architecture, local presence management solutions, custom website builds, SEO and digital marketing campaign support, and media production our clients will see an uptick in calls and foot traffic.

Our concept

“Rise Local was founded on one simple truth: small business owners sharing their stories and expertise is the most effective form of marketing.”

–Mike Stewart

Rise Local SEO is located on the 7th floor near 635 & I-35 North in Dallas TX

Here at Rise Local, we support small businesses and do whatever it takes to do right by them. We will meet you wherever you are. You just need to share your hopes, dreams, and aspirations with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Our dedicated staff is on standby and eager to craft a fully optimized marketing plan and manage all of your content needs. 

Our system works, and we want to put it to work for you. After all, sharing what we know is the neighborly thing to do.

The only thing we ask of you is to use us for hosting and not some Godaddy, HostGator, or other host provider you really can’t talk marketing to. Our hosting works better. Does that seem fair? 

Our Methodology

Our work starts with addressing the technical SEO issues in hosting and web development that most other agencies may ignore. We truly excel in this area, and it’s the first thing that sets up apart from the pack. Core web vitals are very impactful to your websites performance. This isn’t flashy work, but it’s an instrumental part of the process. The groundwork must be laid first in order to drive results in other areas. To do this we conduct a website audit and track where you currently standing, rankings, and local search ranking factors in comparison to your competitors. Then, we can craft a stage website to improve user experience and formulate a personalized core content creation and rewrite plan and discuss landing pages and lead capture opportunities for the advertising strategy to further optimize your web presence. 

Then, we can start getting to work on your various social media accounts and PPC advertisements or creative campaigns immediately. Once we establish clear goals we can work together to achieve them. During this time we’ll also get started on content expansion and media production efforts. We are a full-service digital marketing agency and we can manage all of your photo, video, graphic design, and copywriting needs. 

Once we launch your brand new website on our local lighting-fast servers we’ll monitor the performance of your website and digital marketing services to ensure they’re fully optimized and converting. The content we create is high-quality and engaging, so we expect to see results! If you’re not growing fast enough, we’ll re-evaluate and retarget your content and PPC advertising.

Our Clients

We work for the little guys and local business owners who are looking to grow or build a brand. We work with privately-held businesses with strong ties to their communities, including fixed location businesses (FLB), service area businesses (SAB), and professional service businesses (PSB). We also work with local startups that have the experience and resources to hit the ground running. 

Our clients are the backbone of America. When the politicians said they wanted to shut down businesses and force new untested policies on them, we had their back. We updated their websites. We are here to help local legacy brands outshine, outrank, and outgrow the competition. 

The Brains Behind The Operation

Our team of marketing aficionados is led by Mike Stewart and John O’Grady. They are the dynamic duo in charge of the whole operation combining nearly 20 years of experience in each of their own specialized areas. Mike and John were actually at the forefront of helping small businesses embrace digital marketing solutions during the early 2000s. In fact, this is how they met. They came into each other’s purview while working at The two had complementary experiences and mutual respect while working in different units for Verizon Information Services and Idearc Media and eventually decided to team up and combat the flawed web agency model. 

Mike has been a digital marketing advocate since he started his companies in 2010. As a longstanding member of the DFWSEM Association (Dallas Search Engine Marketing Association) and Board of Directors Member, Mike helped create the largest digital marketing conference in Texas, the State of Search Conference  Mike has been a speaker for PubCon Conference, State of Search, Rocks Digital Conference, and many other industry conferences on local search, link building, and web hosting best practices. 

Rise Local’s OpStar Team also enjoys engaging with local North Texas area Chambers of Commerce and Associations as members.  

Mike Stewart

Mike is one of the co-founders of Rise Local and the self-proclaimed Domain Real Estate Overlord. Although, our host of satisfied clients are sure to agree. He’s been working in local marketing and media since 2000, and officially founded Status26 in 2010. After 21 years in the industry, Mike has accrued numerous accolades. A few of which are his four President’s Awards from Verizon, he was selected as a PubCon speaker for many years, and was chosen to serve as an expert witness for local search.

Mike hails from Royse City, TX working in his teenage years at his Grandma’s feedstore. He got started in directional media marketing sales and internet marketing with Verizon Yellow Pages and at just 19 years old. Mike is a longtime member of the DFWSEM Board of Directors, a part of the Founding Board of Directors of the State of Search Conference, a SEMPO Local Ambassador, State of Search Speaker, and is one of the few members of the Seven Figure Agency Club.

He does all of this while participating in a variety of professional digital marketing groups across North Texas. He values all of these experiences because they help him create a better experience and offer better service to clients. He is passionate about building client relationships and supporting companies that are family and community-focused– just like Rise Local.

John O’Grady

John is our go-to guy for hosting and technical SEO. He’s driven to help business owners tell their stories because that’s what generates phone calls, foot traffic, and the leads they need to grow. First, he’ll take your website and hosting as far as it can go to ensure your website is fully optimized and ready to handle a surge in web traffic. Then, he’ll help the team manage your other SEO needs. John’s passionate about helping small businesses and seeing how far they can go with a little digital marketing. Seeing each client succeed and meet their goals is what makes the job rewarding for him. 

John is originally from Plano, Texas, but he moved to Dallas way before it was cool. He got his start building websites for local businesses while he served in the army to make some extra cash. John worked at as Director of Operations. He left before the collapse of Yellow pages to build a call center and support for RV GlobalSoft in Thailand. Then, he launched Status26 and Rise Local with Mike and the rest is history. 

Our 6-D Process

With our team’s help, they have built and perfected an all-in-one solution for hosting and server architecture, local presence management, SEO campaign support, and web content and media production.


This process means that we can produce all the content needed to support organic, local, social, and traditional marketing campaigns for local small businesses. So how does this work and why it saves your business from the inevitable false starts, scope creep, and flat-out wasting money on your website marketing? Here is how it goes in 6-D:

Here is how are 6D process works.



First we run the tools and audit software to determine the SEO gaps and what it takes to bridge it. 



We need to set proper expectations and goals, define resources, and enroll you into our proven marketing processes. 



Brand execution happens when you build on what works and make website content and structure decisions fast. 



Our team will begin gathering and producing the POW! It’s the raw media, text, and creative assets to tell the story.



Deploying new marketing channels and campaigns that reach your audience at a fraction of the traditional cost. 



Once your results are coming in we further refine and continue to deliver on recurring channel subscriptions. 

Why Choose Us?

Our number one value is simple: do the right thing. We believe that starts with meeting you where you are. You don’t need to come up with a plan before you call us. That’s our job. Let us get to know you, your hopes, dreams, and ambitions for your business. We will then put our expertise to work, creating the best digital marketing strategy to help you reach those goals.

By perfecting the website hosting we stay at the forefront of the solutions for website development. We use visual building tools and fast frameworks to create sexy pages that convert searches into more customers! 

If your website host provider or digital marketing company can’t support you around the clock, isn’t it time you make a change? We offer real-time web development operations support requests. Beat that old agencies! 

Are you focused on capturing a local market or regional launch or expansion? Rise Local has perfected what it takes to get local business from search and social media marketing channels. Ask us how! 

We built a team that no other marketing solutions provider in North Texas can match? Don’t just take our word for it, call us to schedule a tour. 

We quickly do the preliminary audits and discovery  once you register so that we can focus on putting your human and financial resources to getting real deliverables and actionable work done fast. 

Since the year 2000 we have been providing local business owners in North Texas with expert digital and integrated marketing solutions. 

Over the years RISE LOCAL has built a marketing operations team that few advertising agencies can replicate, which is not too bad considering the “pandemic” and all. 

We are helping fellow local entrepreneurs thrive despite Covid, globalism, and anything else the world throws at us! 

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