Need Help With Graphic Design?

Visual assets will take your brand to the next level online and out in the real world. Graphics tell your brand’s story quickly and entice people to dig a little deeper. If you’ve written good sales copy, you’ll start to see more qualified leads. However, you’ll need captivating graphics to capture a potential buyer’s interest and get them to read it. Media influences the decision-making process in B2B spheres and among private customers. If you’re not utilizing graphics in your marketing then you’re likely missing out on a large number of potential buyers. 

The graphic design team at Rise Local offers a number of services to local SMBs that will set off your marketing and delight customers. 

Logo Design

Visually communicate the essence of your brand with a top-notch logo. This important design is an aesthetically pleasing brand identifier and your first stop on the journey to building brand recognition. You want people to remember your brand and associate positive sentiments with it. Our logo designs can help you do just that. 

Our team of experienced designers will get to know your brand, develop several logo concepts, and pin down a high-quality graphic that represents your business. Once we’ve nailed down the perfect design to serve as a beacon for your brand, you’ll also have access to the vector file so you can print your logo on merch, your vehicle, pins, or even a billboard!

Brand Guidelines

Establish brand continuity across all channels from your website to your social media accounts. A brand style guide serves as a branding playbook, helping you promote your brand with improved uniformity. Your customers crave consistency, and if you want to establish your brand as a brand leader that people want to buy into. This means you’ll need to ensure your messaging, packaging, and marketing are cohesive.  

The brand guides our designers create outline all of the visual elements associated with your brand. This includes your logo, color palettes, typography, acceptable media types and styles, and messaging tone. All of these elements work together and represent your brand. 


Educate and engage your customers with high-quality, explanatory infographics. The hallmark of good visual communication is utilizing graphics to get your point across quickly and concisely without losing the viewer’s interest. Infographics are persuasive, attention-grabbing, and educational. 

Sometimes a lot of text is necessary, but an engaging graphic can help break down dense information and create a better experience for your customers. 

Social Media Graphics

Captivate customers with vibrant posts that invite them to get to know your brand better. Beautiful designs and engaging captions are the golden ticket to building a brand that consumers love. 

Our graphic designers will utilize a variety of design platforms to create social media graphics to support your business objectives. Whether we create one-of-a-kind illustrations or a simple announcement graphic, you can rest assured when your post pops up your followers will stop scrolling and take notice. We also take care to alter the dimensions of your graphics so they display perfectly on every platform. Then, we pair them with captions that will resonate with the customer segment you’re using each channel to target. 

Vehicle Wraps

Use your company vehicle as a mobile billboard and introduce more people to your brand every time you go on a job. Vehicle wraps capture the attention of anyone who passes by. Generate qualified sales leads with a well-done company vehicle wrap. Our designers will make sure the design is attention-grabbing and your contact information is easily legible so people can reach out to you for help.

Merch Designs

This is one of the best ways to promote your local business offline. A snazzy logo or merchandise design can be put on t-shirts, tote bags, or pens. When people see your staff members or people in the community wearing your merch, you’ll start to see increased brand recognition. 

Some businesses just choose to use their logo for the imagery on their merchandise. However, we also have a tremendous team of creatives who can create fun and unique designs that you can sell to your customers too. 

Package Design

If you sell physical products you’ll need a beautiful, on-brand design to package your wares. Our designers can handle this process for you. We’ll create something your customers love while staying consistent with your brand. 

Business Designs

These designs can be applied to anything you might see in the office– business cards, notebooks, pens, laptop stickers. If you can dream it, Rise Local can design it.

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