Need Help With Local Search?

Rise Local was built with local businesses in mind. We are passionate about helping SMBs grow, and many of the clients we work with are service-based businesses. That’s why local search plays such a large role in our digital marketing strategy. Our local search team works hard to keep your listings up to date and we assist you with reputation management by responding to reviews customers leave on Google My Business. We also provide ongoing consultative support so you can turn even the worst reviews into a positive for your business. 

Location Master Profile

The LMP is an essential piece of the local SEO puzzle. It helps us organize your contact information and optimize local listings so search engines know to show your business when someone makes a local search query. To ensure potential clients have all the information they need, we compile a master location profile aka a NAPU (name, address, phone number, URL) so we can begin adding your business to digital directories. This is an important part of local search because it improves consistency and increases your online visibility.


Our Local SEO experts create and maintain your Location Master Profile (LMP) that keeps the top Data Aggregation and more than 70 Internet directories up to date. 


Local Listing Syndication

If you just opened your business, our local search team will make company profiles for you on search engines, popular navigation applications, and social media networks. 


However, if you’ve been in business for a while you may already have partial listings floating around. In cases like these, the local search team will help you claim and verify them before fully optimizing the listing. This process starts with highly trafficked platforms like Google My Business, Apple Maps, Yelp, and Facebook. Then, we continue with other more specialized directories which are carefully selected based on your industry and business goals. 


When other websites mention your business, it will improve your rankings and the number of opportunities there are for interested buyers to stumble upon your company. 



Google My Business

This listing is arguably the most important because Google is the #1 search engine in the world with nearly 4 billion users. It also integrates with Google maps which many people refer to when they need to buy something quickly. Our local listing experts make claims manually, verify, and optimize your location’s GMB listing.


Reputation Management

Our local search experts will advise about how to mitigate common issues that impact your online reputation and local search visibility. In the era of instant communication, people expect immediate responses and a 100% response rate to any perceived ills. We help you reply to negative reviews and publicly show that you’re open to finding resolutions and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Whether these claims are justified or not, negative reviews allow us to replace them with content that shows the company is in a more positive light. 


Location Schema Publishing

This is a task our local search and web development teams tackle together. First, our local search specialists will complete your location master profile. Then, our webmaster will set up and publish location schema data on your website. Your local business schema markup will identify the type of business you have, assign the schema property, and include mapping notes like your address, name, online ranking, contact information, and more. Ultimately, this will contribute to improved visibility scores. 


Voice Search

Bixby, Alexa, Cortana, Google Home, Google Assistant, and various other virtual assistants are becoming ingrained in our daily lives meaning voice search is the future. Now more than ever, people are using voice search to make online queries. If your local listings aren’t optimized you could be missing out on a lot of sales. To optimize for search, we ensure you have as many offices as possible that have verifiable addresses, encourage clients to prioritize getting positive reviews, share information on social media and GMB posts, and add you to local directories. Our proprietary voice search API feed then assists with voice recognition to maximize hits to your website.

Dallas Local SEO Experts

Maintaining online maps, tools, and citations can be tiresome and confusing for business owners who are unfamiliar with the process and are also busy running their businesses. That’s why we take care of listing you on maps like Google and Apple, tools like Google My Business, and submitting your business to all relevant directories. 


All of these things work together seamlessly to ensure your name comes up whenever an interested buyer makes a relevant query with a geotag. For example, when someone searches “dallas digital marketing agency” Rise Local comes up. Then, clients can click through to our website to get the information they need or schedule a digital marketing consultation. The same can be done for any local business no matter their industry with proper local search and SEO. Soon your company will also be at the top of local search results. 


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