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A strong social media presence is one vital component of any successful business’ marketing plan. Now, you may not be a gourmet chef or a photographer who relies on visual appeal to sell your products. Maybe you’re a Dallas bail bondsman or a Fort Worth HVAC repairman, but just because you operate a service-based business doesn’t mean you don’t need social media. Your company still needs to build a strong online presence that extends to social media platforms. This helps build your credibility, and while it may not translate to direct sales– it could end up being the deciding factor when a customer is choosing between you and one of your competitors. 

Rise Local’s social media management team can help you achieve all of your social media marketing goals. If you’re a social media marketing DIY-er we also offer social media consultations to help you understand how you can leverage different social media platforms to establish your brand’s presence. Rise Local’s social media team can help you plan, produce, and publish content to capture your audience’s attention on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Linked In, or any other major social media platform. We offer numerous SMM services to Dallas business owners. Keep reading to discover what they are!

Social Media Consultation

Sometimes business owners want to take full control over their own social media accounts. We totally get that. That’s why we offer social media consulting services so you’ll be equipped with the tools and strategies you need to launch an effective social media campaign. 

Social Media Management

This SMM service is ideal for local business owners who are caught up running their business and don’t have time to make snazzy graphics, write engaging captions, or post consistently. Our SMM services are even better if you don’t know how to develop a campaign or just have no interest in doing it. Our team of social media managers can handle everything and you’ll never have to think about it. 

Account Creation

This is an important first step when starting a social media marketing campaign or expanding to a new social channel. You’ll want to ensure your photo, bio, and contact information are all correct. You may also want to create your account with a company email address which we can create and set up analytics so you can easily communicate with customers and track your success. 

Social Media Audit

If you have pre-existing social media accounts you may benefit from a social media audit. Our social media team will analyze your social media feeds and provide specific recommendations about how you can improve your content and metrics based on past analytics and proven brand design principles. Then, we can tell you which posts have been the most or least successful, and how you can leverage that data to drive engagement.  

Social Media Paid Advertising

Rise Local’s social media coordinators will pinpoint high-performing posts and strategically boost them, conceptualize effective PPC campaigns, and track your budget and ROI to ensure you’re seeing the results you desire. 

Social Media Retargeting

Retargeting is a phenomenal marketing tool. Our social media and website marketing teams will collaborate to set up advertising channels that connect you with interested buyers who have already visited your site on social channels.


Rise Local prioritizes local search on all marketing channels. That’s why we use geofencing tactics on social media platforms. This helps a local market find and engage with your content offerings and puts you on the fast track to growing a loyal fan base.

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