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Rise Local’s team of website developers build custom websites designed to drive profits in a competitive market. Heck, if you’re reading this we probably already developed or updated your website. If you chose to work with us, chances are we also host your website on our private Dallas-based servers. This gives us full control over how your website performs. Generally, these practices allow us to prevent the website issues that have been frustrating business owners for years from ever occurring. 

Still, we know things don’t always go according to plan. Fortunately, our website building methods and website hosting services allow us 24/7 access to fix issues on the rare occasion one presents itself. No waiting around for hours or being transferred from department to department. When you submit a service request, one of our local tech guys will get right to work resolving the problem. Or you can just give us a call. Most times, we can resolve your problem while we have you on the line. If not, we’re committed to achieving a 24-hour turnaround time on all service requests. Here at Rise Local, you can expect prompt website support and an effective solution from a staff member that’s familiar with your company. 

What is Website Support? 

A dedicated website support team ensures your website is up and operating at the highest level possible. They help maintain your website’s information architecture, fix errors, reduce burdensome plug-ins, provide website access to your staff members, register and renew your domain names, and more! 

Ultimately, the website support team is here to help you with updates and create a better user experience for people who visit your website. We offer website support services to all of our clients regardless of whether they’re a small business, SMB, or multi-location national business. Some common website support requests we handle include core utilities, custom post types, form design, and notification setup, sitemap generation, website security services, and website updates. Most of our website support and maintenance services fall under Podum which is a recurring monthly cost of $79/month. This service includes a bundle of tools and services you’ll need to maximize your website’s user experience and improve your content’s local search visibility.

Core Utilities

We call the essential services we provide utilities because every business owner needs them to operate their business. They are daily basics that ensure your website is secure, operational, generating qualified sales leads, and that you have a professional way of contacting interested buyers.

  Domain– Your domain name is important. People recognize it and associate it with your business. So you need to make sure you own it or someone else can steal it right out from under you. We can also help you buy up domain names similar to yours. This ensures no one comes along and leeches off the brand you worked so hard to build. Our DNS services include domain registration, domain transfer, and domain renewal. 

SSL– We install and maintain Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on all of our client’s cPanel hosting accounts. A secure website is an important signal to search engines that your website and your company are reputable. It also signals to potential customers that your website is safe and that their private information will be secure if they make an online payment. 

Hosting–  A lot of our clients come to us from big hosts like GoDaddy or HostGator. Many became disenfranchised with those companies because of slow website load times, websites that would crash, and customer representatives that would shuffle them around. We do hosting a little differently. Our servers are local and we have complete access to make technical SEO decisions to improve your website’s performance without jumping through hoops. We also believe that websites perform better and faster when the server that hosts them is located in the same geographical region as the company. 

Email– Every business needs a company email for information requests at the very least. Although, if you have customer-facing staff members, they also need a company email address. It’s important to show brand cohesion when interacting with customers.

Custom Post Types

We build our websites on WordPress because it has a robust content management system (CMS) and many desirable features. Within WordPress, the website support team can craft custom post types for your business whether that be blog posts or a transaction-oriented landing page. Our custom post types are better than standard custom post types (CPT) though because we incorporate code that makes web page templates on your site leaner, faster, and reusable. 

Form Design and Notification

There are numerous types of forms you may wish to incorporate into your website. They can be contact forms, consultation requests, surveys, registration forms, or just about anything else you can think of. These forms are a convenient and efficient way of collecting information that allows you to follow a lead and capture an interested buyer. To get started, our Dallas web designers will build an intuitive form that displays and functions on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Then, our hostmaster comes behind them and makes sure form notifications are delivered directly to you instead of being filtered out as spam. 

Sitemap Generation

We generate an XML sitemap for all of our clients and publish it to Google Search Console so Google can easily crawl your content. This improves your content’s organic visibility because it is indexed at maximum efficiency and easily discoverable. 

Website Security

Web security is of the utmost importance. Clients need to know that when they shop on your e-commerce site or enter private information it will be safe. There are a few things our website support team does to keep your website secure but some of the most important things are malware detection, malware removal, and setting up firewalls. 

Malware Detection and Removal Rise Local’s webmaster uses the latest tools to find and eliminate malware trying to mine private data from your website.

Web Application Firewall Our web application firewall (WAF) inspects each online request and blocks malicious or suspicious activity. 

Contact Information Updates

Current contact information is the key to making your website rank in local search results. It also helps customers know how they can reach you. If you move or change your phone number, we’ll need to update that information everywhere on your website and make the local search team aware so they can promptly amend your local listings on Google My Business (GMB), review platforms, social media, and navigation applications.

Aware– Our Exclusive Service Request Portal

Rise Local has its very own service request ticketing system so clients can easily connect with a web support team member and get help. In Aware, you can tell us how high-priority the task is, assign it to the support team, give us a brief description of the problem you encountered, and hit submit. Once you do, the clock starts ticking and we can see exactly how long the service request has been in our system. Then, we have a full web support team that will work tirelessly to resolve that issue in less than one day. Contact us today if you have any questions about our support services or how to submit a support request. 



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