Fact is agencies are fee driven… not service driven. What does that mean?

As a fee organization agencies don’t get paid to “do” anything. Their game is convincing you they have access to skilled labor or superior insight into your business needs.

Give me a break!

If you are a local service business like an attorney, CPA, doctor, plumber, foundation repair, heating and air, or some other local service business your business model is pretty easy to understand. You want people to call you instead of the competition when they have a problem! Is that rocket science? Then why the hell do you need a consultant?

The hard truth is if your working with a local marketing agency you aren’t talking to the talent! Your talking to a sales gal who throws jobs over the fence for the talent to work on.

That’s unfortunate because that’s precisely why most agency relationships ultimately fail to meet expectations. They aren’t designed to deliver what local business owner really need – skilled labor.

Not convinced yet? Just ask yourself who would you rather work with?

Option A – Meeting organizers and project manager who bundle work and ship it overseas so they can capture a margin.

Option B – Local folks in your market who can design graphics, build websites, and run campaigns who get paid to deliver a quality service.

Mike and I are “B” guys. No fancy agency is going to hire us to go meet with their clients. We aren’t trying to impress anyone with our intellect, stylish wardrobe, or fancy degrees. We wouldn’t last two minutes in that environment. Ironically though… A LOT of agencies depend on us to do THIER work.

So there you go. What makes us different is we enjoy rolling up our sleeves and knock things out. Flying above it all is boring. We like to dive right in and get things done.

Owners get this, but your staff may not. So if you have in-house marketing folks keep a watchful eye on how they spend your money. They won’t want to hire us….unless they really need our help.


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