Email Marketing + Retargeting

Email Marketing + Retargeting

The #1 communication channel is email. In fact, around 99% of consumers check their email daily—that can’t be said for any other channel.

People who buy products through email marketing purchase 138% more than those who don’t get email offers. In fact, email marketing has an average ROI of 4400%. If you happen to think social media converts better, think again: the average order value of an email is 3x higher than social media.

Email marketing is the most effective, direct way to connect with your leads and turn them into customers. It’s a highly effective digital marketing strategy that turns visitors—and one-time buyers—into loyal customers. Additionally, you own your email list. Unlike social media, no one can take leads away from you or suspend your activity.

Optin Forms That Convert

Rise Local creates effective, appealing optin forms that convert. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Enticing headlines. Our optin form headlines clearly describe the big benefit of your lead magnet and attract customers.
  2. Helpful descriptions. Rise Local creates descriptions that are brief, clear and direct; we ensure the reader’s eye comfortably scans over the benefits.
  3. Attractive visuals. We include images of the lead magnet along with a plethora of fantastic content to attract and retain potential customers.
  4. Simple forms. Anything more than a name and email address kills conversions.
  5. Aesthetically compelling subscribe button. We use contrasting, appealing colors and wording to grab the reader’s attention.

Retargeting + SEO

According to Google, you can sell up to 50% more when combining retargeting with other channels.

You don’t have to spend top dollar to achieve the best SEO through online advertising and marketing campaigns. Instead of going through several expensive providers for each channel, Rise Local’s proven package does it all. Exposure to the right audience is vital to SEO, and our expert retargeting and ad marketing techniques offers the full package guaranteed to result in conversions.

We control advertising by putting specific ads in front of specific users. When your target audience is carefully incorporated, you increase ROI and convert those who are most likely to purchase from your business. Rise Local works to attract click-through or view-through users, effectively bringing the most consumers back to revisit your website, exponentially increasing sales conversions, brand image and website reputation.

Active management and close monitoring of email marketing campaigns is absolutely vital for SEO. The successful entrepreneurs at Rise Local have 20 years of experience solidifying a proven process that works and garners the best SEO results. Our audience targeting and marketing methods ensure exponentially increased site traffic, sign-ups, subscriptions and sales.

Email Marketing + SEO Retargeting Works

Rise Local brings traffic to your website. Let’s say, for example, your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors—retargeting ads will run in the background and bring back the people who were interested in your business. As a principle, most consumers decide to buy a product or service after hearing your message 7 times. Rise Local combines that with effective email marketing and retargeting to ensure conversion—and build your brand’s visibility.

We connect your site, publish your retargeting ad, and send an effective well-designed email with a call to action that drives consumers to your site. 

After letting your ad run for a while, our analysts monitor activity and make tweaks based on what we learn about your audience and consumers—constantly maximizing SEO. Rise Local campaigns and ad reports provide a complete picture of how, where and when people are most likely to engage with your brand. We match our strategy with your SEO goals, constantly optimizing your website and bringing traffic to your business.

Rise Now. Rise Fast. Rise Local.

Rise Local is made up of successful Dallas business owners and entrepreneurs with over 20 years of digital marketing and SEO experience. Email marketing and SEO retargeting drive results and ROI—if working in tandem, both complement one another for a well-rounded omni channel experience for your customers. Click here to get started or contact us to schedule an interview today.

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