Every Podum Site Includes These Awesome IT and Marketing Features

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed Website Security

High-Performance Cacheing

Page Layout and Editing Tools

Podum Pricing

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting With Awesome Support
  • Host your existing WordPress site on Podum’s NGINX web servers
  • Clones an exact copy of your WordPress site in minutes
  • Maximizes your website’s load speed
  • Keeps WordPress themes and plugins up to date with managed upgrades.
  • Unlocks all Rise Local’s IT and Marketing Services

Podum Conversion

All The Tools and Support Needed to Convert an Existing Site
  • All the benefits of Podum with Incredible Visual Builder Tools
  • Includes starter theme with 15 professionally designed layouts for existing content.
  • All the coaching and support you need to produce and publish engaging content.

Location Marketing Add-ons

After you signup for Podum you unlock these incredible, low cost marketing add-ons.

Data Aggregator FeedS

Broadcast Your Location Data
  • Nuestar
  • Factual
  • Axcion
  • Infogroup

Top 50+ Local Directories

Enhance Your Local Presence
  • Baseline Local Visibility Report
  • Top 50+ Local Directories
  • Central Login Management
  • Local Listings Monitoring and Mitigation
  • Monthly Visibility Progess Reports

Yext Professional

Advanced Local Search Tools
  • Yext Knowledge Engine Professional
  • 70+ PowerListings Sync
  • Multi-Location Manager
  • User Level Permissions
  • Data Cleaning Tools
  • Duplicate Suppression Tools
  • Dedicate Location Support

Twitter Profile

Master Twitter For Business
  • Professionally Designed Profile Header
  • Optimize Twitter Config Settings and Alerts
  • Twitter Support
  • Podum Integration

Facebook Page

Master Facebook Pages
  • Manually Claim and Verify Facebook Page
  • Consolidate Duplicate Facebook Pages
  • Optimize Facebook Page Configuration
  • Custom Facebook Page Header Included
  • Podum Integration

Google My Business Location

Master Google Maps
  • Centralize Mangement For Multiple locations

  • Claim and Verify the Listing

  • Create Professional Cover Images
  • Format Logo and Images As Needed
  • Load Photos and Posts As Needed

  • Provide Ongoing Listing Optimization Support

  • Podum Integration

Why do you need total control of your domain?

To save you money of course!
Domain renewals, hosting account payments, DNS entry edits, email control and administration, domain email, and improving website user experience and load speed. DIY content updates and edits vs paying a webmaster

Our 7 Steps to Local Search Marketing Domination

Gain Control of Your Domain

Optimize your cPanel DNS, Email, Hosting, and SSL
  • Domain Registration
  • POP Mail
  • cPanel License
  • $50 Annual SSL Certificate

Fix Your OId Broken Website

Get on our website platform!
  • Podum Basic – $79
  • Podum Pro – $200 – includes rank tracking, call tracking and analytics setup.

Improve Your Social Standing

Twitter Page, Facebook Page, Google Plus w/ My Business and Youtube
  • Twitter Page,
  • Facebook Page
  • Google Plus w/ My Business
  • Youtube Channel Creation

Amplify and Improve Location Visibility

DA Aggregators, Top 50 Manual Claim/Submit/Verify, Yext Professional
  • Fix Google My Business Issues
  • Submissions to the Top Data Aggregators
  • Top 50 Manual Listings Submitted, Claimed, Verified
  • ,Yext Professional with Knowledge Engine 70+

Build Your Brand Presence and Efficacy

Technical SEO, User Experience, Conversion Optimization
  • logo design
  • content expanision packages

Improve Measurement and Lead Attribution Across Channels

Google Remarketing, Call Tracking, Facebook Remarketing
  • Google Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • Google AdWords Local Paid Search
  • Facebook Ads Custom Audience Campaigns
  • Form to Analytics Tracking
  • Dynamic Call Tracking with Call Attribution

Increase Market Share and Return on Ad Spend!

Master Google Paid Search and Facebook Ads
  • Starting at $375 per month for paid media for budgets over $1000 in ad spend