Professional Service Business

Dominate Your Local Market

For the professional service business, we always recommend the start with a local campaign since this campaign is the fastest way to rank locally for the services you provide.  As a professional services provider, you require a much broader reach to book more appointments. A local campaign is a foundation for a broader organic strategy making it the natural place to begin marketing your business.

Even big local brands with multiple locations fail to focus on leveraging the basic location signals that make the difference in getting more local leads, such as the proximity of your address, your distance to the point of search or the Searcher-Business Distance, having a physical address in the city of search, and the proper GMB and directory listing category associations,  and link signals just to name a few. They seldom even have location-specific landing pages SEO optimized properly.

The amount of real estate at the top of the map pack of Google and other search results is drying up. The search engines want you to buy paid ads. Experts at Rise Local want to help you build up audiences and user-journeys that make customers love your brand, then you want to remarket to them, and only then do you want to buy local media to drive volume.

Our Comprehensive Local Search Campaign Includes Everything You Need to Maximize Your Location’s Local Search Visibility

  • Data Aggregator & Accelerator Submission Pack
  • Rise Local Paid Insertion Submission Pack
  • Yext Knowledge Professional Paid Inclusion
  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Bing Places Optimization
  • Social Media and Local Ranking Tracking
  • Duplicate Listing Suppression Service
  • Review Monitoring and Response
  • Review Gathering and Funnel Tools
  • On Demand Local Search Presence Reporting
  • Dedicated Support from the Local Search Specialists!

Price is Per Location

  • $500 /month the first location
  • 12 Month Initial Commitment
  • Cancel With 30 day Notice After 12 Months

More Than 5 Locations?

Multi-location businesses with more than 5 locations may qualify for special pricing. Find out more today.

Next is a Well Optimized Website

Once you have launched the local campaign it is time to get your website built to Google’s standard. Our goal is to build a base of content as quickly as possible so you’re ready to begin a social audience targeting and possibly even limited local paid search strategy.

Our process will then focus on helping you build out and publish new content so we will be taking lots of notes and making recommendations that apply to your specific situation.

Podum Marketing Platform

Podum has the tools and webmaster support needed to quickly produce and publish the rich, localized content professional services providers need to dominate their local markets.

Rank Higher

A lot of technical SEO considerations is baked into Podum so your published content ranks higher, faster.

Lighting Fast Web Hosting

Really fast web servers means better search engine indexation and return on ad spend.

SSL Certificate

Securely capture lead data. It's not only the right thing to do, but Google will love you for it too.

Fast Landing Page Design

All the tools we need to create professional landing pages with a/b tests on the fly.

Lead Capture and Alerts

Notify your team as soon as a fresh lead gets submitted.

Awesome Support

With Podum we support the enitre website.... not just the hosting account. This includes content uploading and editing support.

What’s Next?

Get Total Control of Your Local Media Spend and Reduce Waste!  

Local and Paid are the fastest ways to generate leads. To maximize your market share, however, you must employ a content strategy to cover that organic search and social channels. The good news is with Podum content expansion got a whole lot faster and cheaper. As we build out your website, audience targeting and set up additional local and social paid search campaigns we will be taking notes and be given you plenty of options.

While building and managing your paid and social ads we will be fully transparent about the media cost, very communicative about your goals and never prioritize how much money you can spend but focusing more on how much money we can not waste. Building an audience experience is what makes the difference, not how much local media you do or do not buy.

Paid Search

In many cases, the local campaign by itself will generate enough phone calls and appointments to keep your calender full. In that case, you would only spend money on paid search on slow days when you use a few more appointments booked. We also recommend paid search for YouTube and Facebook video marketing as well.

Low Management Fees

Since we host all sites we market it saves you a lot money.

Complete Access

We provide you with full reporting access to all the ad networks we manage so you know exactly how your money is being spent.


When you are ready to increase your ad spend beyond the spend threshold we will automatically upgrade you to the next tier of service and expand the campaign.

Beautiful Campaigns

We don’t believe in arbitrary limits on the number of keywords, ad text, etc. Instead we build the campaign that makes sense for your budget and business goals.

Amazing Scripts

Our scripts deliver better marketing results with less ad spend.

Easy Funding Options

We can manage your ad funding for you or you can pay Google, LinkedIn, Bing, or Facebook direct.

What’s Next?

Once we get this point, you will need to be a client to find out more about our processes for content expansion, social content development/amplification, audience building, and CRM integration solutions so you can streamline your appointment booking.