How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for Your Business

by Sep 17, 2019WordPress

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are thousands to choose from. To be specific, there are more than ten thousand WordPress themes out there! With that amount of WordPress themes, it’s hard not to wonder how to choose the right one for your business. Before choosing a WordPress theme for your business, it’s important to first narrow your options to fit your needs.

While choosing the perfect WordPress theme is important for your business, it can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you need—and what you don’t need. The right WordPress theme for your business should showcase your brand and your services in a way that’s unique to you. While you should of course keep in mind loading speeds and user friendliness across multiple devices, your WordPress theme should be the ideal combination of visual appeal and simplicity.

Before choosing a WordPress theme for your business, first consider this list of dos and don’ts. Our many years of experience with WordPress themes for businesses has given us valuable insight into selecting the perfect theme that showcases you.

Know Which Features You Want First

Before choosing a WordPress theme for your business, it’s extremely important to know beforehand which features you want—and what you don’t want.

For instance, the WordPress Feature Filter helps make it easy to narrow your search to the specific themes you’re looking for. An example could be a translation-ready theme, or a theme which allows for a flexible header. Another example could be whether or not you want your theme to consist of one column or multiple columns—this all depends on you and your business. When choosing a WordPress theme for your business, it’s important to keep in mind what you absolutely need first.

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An added tip: for WordPress themes, less is more. Consider building from the bottom-up. Keep in mind to search for what you absolutely need in order to accomplish your business goals. Don’t choose a theme that clutters your website—or worse, slows down loading speeds.

Don’t Choose a Bloated Theme

Echoing our previous statement, don’t choose a WordPress theme cluttered with features, for this will only hurt your business website. While a feature-rich theme sounds cool, keep in mind it can slow down your website’s performance.

Choose the Right Color

When it comes to digital marketing, success is largely based on visual appearance. Therefore, choosing the right color theme for your business can help your success immensely. For instance, if you have a logo, choose a theme that matches the color scheme of your business logo.

An added tip: when choosing between a dark or light theme, it’s statistically proven that customers and users prefer bright or lighter-colored websites. This doesn’t mean to completely exclude all dark WordPress themes; just keep in mind how you want your customers to respond to your business website.

Choose a Premium Theme

A huge mistake many businesses make when choosing a WordPress theme is simply going the cheap route. Unfortunately, free WordPress themes come with some issues. For example, there may be some coding issues down the line. Additionally, free WordPress themes may not be updated regularly, or lack support.

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Premium themes are visually appealing, dynamic, and offer more features than free ones. When it comes to your business, you should strive to stand out from your competition.

Don’t Choose a Hard-To-Read Font

Again, it’s extremely important to consider user-friendliness and readability when choosing a WordPress theme for your business. This includes making it as easy as possible for users to navigate your business website. We recommend choosing a WordPress theme with a simple, sophisticated, clear font.

An added tip: you can go in later and adjust the font of your WordPress theme. However, this may not be possible with a free theme. Again, this echoes our statement of going for a premium WordPress theme for your business.

Choose a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme basically means making your business website easy to use. This should span across all devices, from computers to laptops to mobile devices. For instance, a responsive theme easily translates on a mobile device, without any hiccups or slow loading speeds.

Test The Theme

Always test the theme! We suggest installing the Theme Check plugin in order to ensure your business website is up-to-date on all WordPress standards.

After choosing the right WordPress theme for your business, make sure to test and review your website before going live. Proofread your content, test your links, review your website on your mobile device, and make sure all your images load properly (without slowing down speed).

Hire a Hosting Provider

An effective way to ensure the success of your business is to invest in a hosting provider. When you leave your website to the professionals and put your focus on running your business, you increase your chances of success.

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