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Utilize Voice Search To Get More Website Traffic

Voice search is the wave of the future. ⅓ of the United States population uses voice search– that’s 40% of all web users! People rely on Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Bixby to get the answers they’re looking for fast. It’s not enough to write flawless and fully optimized copy anymore. That’s a great start, but many people want more convenience. If you don’t go the extra mile and optimize for voice search, a lot of people will never get to see your amazing content. That’s why today we’re sharing how we help people on the go find our client’s websites by optimizing for voice search. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Most people have already heard of keywords. They may even be implementing them into their website’s copy. However, these keywords tend to be short, and they are the same keywords that everyone else is using. If you’re a small, new, or relatively unknown business– this will likely put you on the fast track to getting your content buried on a search results page. Using short and generic keywords is a poor strategy for SEO and voice search, especially if you’re operating in a competitive market. Instead, try to be more specific. Target words that your ideal client is more likely to search either through a typed or spoken search query. Don’t be afraid to occasionally include prepositions and filler words. These long-tail keywords can quite literally mimic a spoken phrase or question.

What Are Some Examples of Long-Tail Keywords?

Someone might need help with digital marketing, but that’s probably not what they’re going to search for. It’s not specific enough, and they’ll have to dig through a lot of stuff they don’t want. Searching for something generic like “digital marketing” may lead to a Wikipedia page instead of on a web design agency’s website. Someone looking to cut out useless results will search for more specific keywords. This might be something like “digital marketing services in dallas tx”. Unfortunately, this is still a fairly broad search term. 

To narrow down the results, they may say “digital marketing agencies for small businesses in Dallas” or “SEO content marketing services in Dallas”. These searches are specific and if you capture these long-tail keywords in your copy, you’ll be more likely to capture both clients who rely on voice search and the people who are typing queries themselves. The key here is to write the way you speak. If you need some help, consider using a free tool to help you better understand what your target market is searching for

Improve Load Times

A fast website is crucial to converting customers who use voice search. Maybe someone is walking down the road and looking for the nearest coffee shop. Or perhaps a guy forgot about his wedding anniversary, and he needs to make a quick pitstop at a nearby flower boutique. These people are looking for a quick resolution, and if your site takes too long to load, they’ll just move on. Oftentimes, the sale simply comes down to who offers the most convenience. 

If your website takes more than three seconds to load, all of the work you do for SEO, voice search optimization, and PPC campaigns won’t mean a thing. You’ll likely start to see your bounce rates go up while your profits plateau. So before you get started, check to see how your website is performing. If there is room for improvement, that’s what we’ll take care of first. Then, we can move on to helping your ideal customer discover you.

Stay Conversational and Don’t Keyword Stuff

We’ve been emphasizing the importance of keywords. However, that doesn’t mean that any keyword will do. Or that you should use a bunch of them. To optimize for voice search, your content will need to be conversational and informative. If you use a bunch of filler words, it’ll just hurt readability scores. Instead, focus on keywords that people will search for and then give a clear and concise answer to their questions. 

Mobile Device Optimization

If you’re not optimizing for mobile devices, then you’re not optimizing for voice search. Now more than ever, people are putting their smartphones to work. People use search engines, social media, and navigation applications on their phones and iPads to ask questions and get suggestions.

If someone stumbles across your company, they should be able to easily view your site using their mobile device. A lot of people don’t own a desktop computer and seldom use them. So, if you’re pouring all of your time and money into optimizing your website for that particular device you’ll be missing out. Now, if you’re targeting a more elderly generation that might be okay. But people 50 and younger are becoming increasingly more reliant on mobile technology, and they’re typically the people with the most buying power. Older folks who’ve already retired have to budget their fixed income a little more.

Google My Business and Other Local Listings

We’ve already mentioned that a lot of people use search engines and map applications to find suggestions. That means that your company needs to have a complete profile on Google My Business, Google Maps, and Apple Maps to rank in local search. People should be able to view your address and find their way to your location with one simple click. You also need to include photos and product or service descriptions. These platforms will help people find your company. But the complete profile is what will make them choose to shop with you. 

Rise Local– Dallas Local Voice Search Optimization Agency

We are a Dallas-based digital marketing agency that specializes in local search. Rise Local’s Opstar team knows how to build profitable websites. This includes a beautiful website design, voice search optimized copy, and appealing graphics that are hosted on our lightning-fast servers. We even have our own Voice Search API feed and in-house Copywriters to ensure your website will perform well regardless of what device searchers use. Contact us today to get a custom website discoverability solution for your website.

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