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Improve Your Social Media Engagement with a Blog

Social media is the new hotspot for digital marketing. Successful companies utilize these platforms to inform and interact with customers, and to promote their products and services. Apart from regular content on social media, blog posts are also a great way to generate sales and traffic into your site. The primary goal of blog posts is to establish your company’s credibility and expertise in the areas you are selling in. When you use social media and blogs hand in hand, you can increase your brand awareness and see an increase in your sales. Here are a few ways that a blog can help your social media engagement. 

Enhance Content on Blogs

Before we dive into social media engagement, let’s take a look at the content you produce on your blogs. It should be intriguing or useful information. Social media savvy readers won’t just share any type of content. They want your content to have unique information that can rarely be found anywhere else. The images and titles of your blogs are also very important. If your blog doesn’t have an attention grabbing image or an image at all, people will be less inclined to share it or even take a look at the content. A change in the style or tone of your titles may get you more exposure too. Titles should utilize power verbs and demonstrate that they can answer questions that consumers might have, such as “how to” or “5 tips for” titles.

Integrate Social Media

You want your blogs to be easily shareable. A useful tactic is including social media buttons on your site. Therefore, when people read a blog post that they like, they can hit the button and share it on the platform of their choosing. You don’t want to have too many buttons on your site, for it can be a turn off. Only include social media buttons for platforms that you are active in and have a wide audience. You can also include share buttons or social media logins that allow consumers to share your content on social media or comment directly under your blog post with their social media accounts.

Once your content is shared via social media by people other than your marketing team, you will see your brand awareness dramatically increase. All you have to do is implement strategies that allow consumers to share your blog content effortlessly. Then, consumers will end up on your social platforms and website.

Share Your Blogs Consistently

Blogs have very valuable and authentic content for consumers, but they may be overlooked due to paid ads. However, you can organically market your blogs through social media. Not only do you drive traffic towards your blogs, but it helps you stay engaged on social media as well. 

Share your blog posts on as many social media platforms. If consumers aren’t coming to your site, you should go to them. Be consistent with your postings. Make sure that you share the same amount of posts each week. Scheduling these posts in advance simplifies the process. And don’t forget about your old blog posts. If some of the old content is still relevant or was a hot topic, use that to your advantage. You will always have new followers that haven’t seen the content, and to avoid repetition, you can always change the title.

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Rise Local is a leading digital marketing agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our professional copywriters and social media managers can take care of all your content needs and keep up with your social media engagement. Our writers optimize all the content with keywords, intriguing titles, and unique visuals. Our social media managers consistently market the blogs on the media platforms and create additional content to keep your brand active. If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call today. Let’s grow your business with successful marketing strategies.

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