SEO Costs for Small Business

What are the Typical SEO Agency pricing options?

Project Based SEO Services / Audits


Solve issues by focusing on improvements iteratively with a set fixed one-time cost. This pricing is ideal for those that have a large in-house web and digital marketing team. 


Up front costs are very high and audits don’t get the job done. If you don’t implement the audit correctly you wasted money. It is also very easy to overpay for services when you do not have experience working with project-based SEO providers.

Performance- Based SEO Pricing


Pay for the leads you get without fronting the ad spend or focusing on building content for brand. You don’t rank or get leads you don’t pay.



Cost per lead or cost per call programs can be very expensive per lead and you don’t often own the results or have exclusivity to the leads. Some keywords are too competitive to get results quickly. The burden is on the agency to produce results.



Marketing Channel-Based SEO Pricing


Choose the channels you want supported such as hosting, content expansion, social, local, and paid search. 



You may not have enough budget or resources to cover multiple channels or your brand that is not capable of creating proof of work content marketing strategy. As a business you just can’t rank for whatever keywords we want anymore. Strategize accordingly.  

Monthly Retainer SEO Pricing


Set annual or bi-annual budgets create a fixed cost approach that is easy finance. Agencies manage campaigns from end-to-end. Great for longterm strategies.


Outsourced work by agencies using unskilled labor or overseas “talent” to maximize profits not value. Agencies also want a longer term commitment since much of the work is front-loaded. This seldom includes technical SEO.

Hourly Rate SEO Pricing


Fixed bid deliverable SEO services by the hour can be a fast way to improve your website. Ideally the agencies track the hours so you can quickly change directions. 


Doesn’t provide the omni-channel coverage you need to increase share of voice and dominate search results across channels. Agencies have a tendency to milk the clock and invoice for extras.  


Industry Focused SEO Results:

Home Services

Educational Centers


Health and Wellness

Legal Services

Financial Services

Multi-Location Franchises


Instead of “buying SEO” you need Marketing Operations support. We can help.

IT Support

Managing your domain has never been easier with our hosting, email and DNS control. SEO starts with your domain and hosting.

Identity & Brand

For brand consistency, we produce all the necessary assets you need for marketing such as logo or brand style guides.


Launch successful Ad campaigns with the right tools, copy and better media buying decisions without wasting the ad spend. 

Media Production

Tell your brand story, build your tribe and connect with your audience and convert more clicks into business results.