How to Get Ahead if You’re New to HVAC, Plumbing and the Electrical Business!

We all go into a new trade for different reasons. Sometimes it is because you work for a friend or family who started a local service area business and other times you learn about the trade from pure interest or a technical or trade school. Either way, you decided to pick up a hammer nobody told you that your mechanical skills are not going to be worth more than $45 an hour. So then you decided to go off and build a better mousetrap and start your own company.


You picked a great time. It is a much better time than when I started in 2009!

Let’s face the facts! Your mechanical skills are never going to be worth as much to you as the words you say to your customers. That means how you actually provide service to your customer is never going to be worth more than $45 or so per hour. Your words are going to be worth more than your mechanical skills in this business. You need to learn how to serve clients better by how you communicate so your team can make you more money.  There are skills that are far more important than being able to turn a wrench or install a pipe.

The Skills to Pay the Bills

Listening and communication skills are what really pay the bills. Sure you need to have people that have technical skills to do the work, but if your focus is making money you won’t get far without someone accepting the role of “salesman.” I have met only a few owner-operators who don’t wince at the idea of being called a salesman. So when it becomes a challenge to get the words out in person, I teach my clients how to do it well online first.

One thing I have learned to become a better salesperson is that listening and communication skills. A great district sales manager who told me once,

“A thousand Philistines were killed with the jawbone of an ass, and a thousand sales were lost the same way.” 

So the better your listening and question asking the more money you will make.

Too many guys who have been around a long time are slow to adapt to change in technology. Oftentimes because they don’t want to listen to advice. I can tell pretty quick with the right questions what kind of owner I am working with. Reminds me of the time I couldn’t get older decision-makers to listen to me because I didn’t have the proper number of grey hairs on my head. Wish I still had that problem! Point is, you can’t always teach an old or stubborn dog new tricks, right?

Scripting It Over and Over

Every time you go out on a service call you repeat the same steps to solve the problem. You use the same tools. You ask the same questions. I have learned to ask the right questions, almost to the point where I can script answers without even knowing the details. Should become the same for you right?

My point is, if you create the perfect sales call process and script it to the point where you can recite it like bowing your head and Saving Grace, you are the kind of guy I want to talk to. I have a one-day training that will help you communicate better with your customers and build a brand that kills the competition… or if you are not the violent type just makes them super jealous.

Training is the Key To Communications

Kicking butt at communicating comes by training yourself and then training your team. They should know how to communicate internally using cohorts and personas, or descriptive identifiers for each customer type you are focused on. They should be trained on how to gather media and content to bring to you for your sales efforts. They should also learn your perfected sales call process better than you. Techs are sales guys too.

What John and I do is come out and show clients how to begin gathering the content, photos, and media to build a brand that communicates to customers and give them tips that we have learned from sales. I have been selling since I was 17 years old. I won more awards than anyone for Verizon Yellow Pages.  All good salespeople do is help people fix problems and improve the lives of those we choose to build a relationship with. Trust me when I tell you that “nothing happens until you sell something.”

If your company uses sales guys and technicians you are oftentimes at a huge cost disadvantage. If you need help with any of this we offer a 1 day and 1/2 day training that gets you on the right foot moving forward. Call me and ask for more details.


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