The Road to “SEO Recovery” for Mr. Debt Recovery
When Steven, “Mr. Debt Recovery’s” IT guy recommended that he call us, he didn’t expect what kind of results he would get. I am sure he was confident in his friend’s recommendation, but he had been through this a few times before. Some website development company who just wanted his money and didn’t get his business. Other concerns also came up, such as what would we want him to do, whether or not he could communicate his business and even whether it was worth being honest with us about his resources and what he really could to accomplish as a small business owner and entrepreneur. Needless to say, his business had been struggling and his industry was changing.

 You see, when we get calls from local business owners in North Texas, they oftentimes just don’t know what they are doing or what they could do better with their digital presence and visibility. Most of them just feel a pain in the pocketbook and a concern for the lead volume and stability of their business. For Steve, it was a very common problem: No local focus. The solution was really simple. We started by doing what we typically recommend, discovering and picking the low hanging fruit.

 In order to succeed in world domination you gotta start at home. Many businesses don’t focus on a particular target market or customer and end up spreading themselves thin trying to service and eat from any new passing opportunity that gets close enough to land on the dinner plate. When Steve called me at the end of 2014 his business was indeed struggling. He wanted to focus on getting more doctors that needed help with keeping up with billing and collections in their offices. Steve wanted us to revise his website.

We rebuilt the website and made some paid search campaigns for him with call and form conversion attribution setup we would know what ads worked and where we would be wasting his limited resources.

Quickly discovered that the lead generation campaign for Google Adwords we built for wasn’t going to work. Most of the searches he ended up getting are people looking for Medical Collection, that’s what happens when the bill says “Medical Collection” on the bottom of it. It drives people to search for a solution to getting it off their report. This was not a target audience for them. So we credited back all campaign management fees. Then zeroed out his invoices.

What kind of scope did we continue with?

  • Local Listings Campaign – Dallas Location
  • Paid Search w/ Retargeting
  • Content Campaign
  • Local Campaign – added Houston location

 It took us only 3 months to get enough leads coming in to make a huge change in his business. He started getting real results from local search and never looked back at the original idea to focus on medical collections. 


Our organic results have been really great. Tons of referral traffic and he ranks at the top for the most used keywords in his industry.  Check for yourself. Search Google for “Collection Agency Texas” and see how he comes up.

We added pay per click campaigns in on the local keywords to improve the click-thru rates by increasing his share of voice. 



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