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Green Screen sessions are a blast. We love doing them because its a great way to get to know you and your business while capturing the media assets we need.

Each session last two hours.  We start with a studio photographer will take pictures of you and your staff in a variety of poses and backgrounds. Our team is all about making you feel comfortable so you can put your best foot forward just by being yourself.

After the photo session you will be smiling and feeling relaxed which is the perfect time to shoot video.  But don’t worry. No script required. Our professional interviewer will ask you questions off camera about you and your business, plus a few questions about your dreams and goals for your business.  We will do as many takes as we need to get all the great takes you need.

As soon as we wrap all the professional raw media we captured goes straight to the Media Locker.  The Media Locker is the well our creative team draws on to get inspired about your business and access the photos and video clips they need to produce great content for your website, social profiles, local listings and more.

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