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TV advertising is an effective way of capturing an audience’s attention and increasing sales. There’s a reason corporations pay millions for 30 seconds of air time during the Super Bowl after all! Many large companies utilize this advertising platform because it consistently offers them a huge return on their investment. However, it sometimes gets a bad rap for being expensive, and small business owners don’t think they can afford it. We’re here to tell you that in our experience you likely can. We specifically work with small businesses and try to keep our resources affordable so you can grow your business without going into debt. 

The Benefits Of TV Advertising

Now that a lot of young people are using streaming services you may think there’s no point in investing in TV advertising. This isn’t true for a couple of reasons. First, the video advertisements we craft can be leveraged onto streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Second, TV advertising still offers an assortment of benefits. It offers a lot of audience reach, people will actually focus on the ad because most people are relaxing and you get their undivided attention, it offers a sense of brand legitimacy, and more. Also, you’ll likely want to target an older demographic that still prefers traditional TV because they’re the homeowners, business owners, and business professionals with the discretionary income to purchase your products. Social media advertising is great, but TV advertising will allow you to expand your market reach. 

Show, Don’t Tell.

TV advertising is also a great form of marketing because you can craft it to resonate with your target audience. With the perfect balance of audio and video, you can elicit an emotional response and increase the likelihood of viewers purchasing your product or service. Messaging aside, it also gives viewers a clear view of what you’re offering and it may pique their interest quicker than a short website description or static image on social media would. TV advertising allows you to show how your product functions and helps viewers visualize how they could use your product in their daily lives.

Rise Local TV Advertising

The marketing experts at Rise Local can provide you with more information about our TV advertising services. We have an arsenal of tools at our disposal to formulate an effective marketing plan, and craft high-quality advertising content that will drive sales leads. Your initial upfront investment will be well worth the price tag when you see a rise in brand awareness and an uptick in calls. TV advertising is known for its fantastic conversion rates. It’s just a matter of understanding who your audience is and putting the right material in front of their eyes. Rise Local can also help with your initial content creation needs. We can help you gather models, props, manage scheduling the video shoot, capturing pristine raw footage, and editing a concise and engaging advertisement. We can use the comprehensive advertising strategy we formulate together to ensure the most effective advertising campaign possible. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help fulfill your advertising needs. 

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