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WordPress is a high performant, very secure content management system. But like any system, results vary depending on how well it is maintained.

Here is the problem.

When you buy a standard cPanel shared hosting account all you are getting is the space. The host provider assumes you, or your web guy is going to keep WordPress up to date.

Of course, the reality is as soon as the website was complete the web developer took off. The result is literally millions of unmaintained websites out there with known vulnerabilities waiting to be attacked.

And that’s exactly what happens. Hackers, bots, etc. probing for vulnerabilities consume a ton of server resources.  The host providers throttle your bandwidth and CPU cycles to mitigate the risks. The end result is a website that is painfully slow to navigate.  That kills your user experience which in turn causes your organic search results to plummet.

Eventually, something breaks and your site goes down.  In a worst-case scenario, you lose all your valuable website content since the guy who built the site wasn’t concerned with making sure the site had a supporting backup service. Good luck chasing him down for a backup!

Podum’s WordPress Update service solves these issues and more.

First, we maintain and update the WordPress core so you always have the latest version in place.

Second, we make sure all the supported plugins and themes we used to build your site are properly licensed and up to date.

The end result is a WordPress site that runs fast and is less likely to ever get hacked.

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