Audience Analytics

Audience Analytics

Keeping up with audience analytics is absolutely essential to a successful online business presence. Knowing precisely where your website’s strengths and weaknesses are allow you to make improvements where they’re needed, and further improve overall performance.

Rise Local studies data reports to monitor your website’s performance, evaluate how visitors interact with your website and how they engage with your content. By utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we can see who visits your page and how you rank on search results. With this information, we can optimize your platform consistently and accurately.

Comprehensive Reports

When we analyze your website’s performance, the data is laid out in easy-to-understand, comprehensive tables and charts. Rise Local ensures you always have access to your analytics and data reports, so you can monitor how customers interact with your website.

Google Analytics offers detailed reports on different aspects of your website and audience, in five different sections:

  • Real-Time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

Each section displays easy-to-understand key results and data that our analysts monitor daily. Rise Local goes over the data with you to ensure you’re always on the same page, so you always have a say.

Real-Time Reports

Just as it sounds, real-time reports offer live information on how customers are interacting with your business website. You can see what visitors click, where they came from, what they’re reading and what they’re looking for.

With real-time reports, Rise Local monitors how clients respond to your website and notices any immediate problems as they arise. When we’re aware of issues as they occur, we can fix it on the spot to ensure your business site runs smoothly.

Audience Reports

With audience reports, you can see detailed information about your website’s visitors. Information like:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hobbies
  • Interests
  • Devices they use

In addition to the above, audience reports allow you to see whether visitors to your website are previous customers, returning users or brand new clients. Rise Local uses this data to understand your audience and customer base, which allows us to tailor your content to best serve your business goals.

When we understand your audience, we understand which marketing campaigns and strategies to deploy to turn them into customers.

Behavior Reports

With behavior reports, you can understand just how your audience engages with your business website. Behavior reports show which pages visitors clicked on, their landing pages and exit pages. This allows you to see what is most popular and engaging on your website, and the effectiveness of your content.

Rise Local uses behavior reports to hone your content and maximize visitor engagement, increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

Conversion Reports

Conversion reports allow us to review your website’s performance in comparison to its objectives and goals. These objectives and goals include how much time visitors spend on your site, which pages were viewed and what your monetary gain was.

Rise Local uses this data to deploy the appropriate tasks to the appropriate experts, consistently improving your online presence and ensuring your business achieves its goals.

Search Console

While Google Analytics allows us to see how visitors interact with your website, Google Search Console allows us to see how search engines interact with your website. Rise Local analysts use Google Console to monitor your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and index information to maximize your presence on local search results.

Rise Local receives alerts about your website’s performance in real time. With this information, we can resolve issues as they arise so your site never struggles in search results. When we monitor your index coverage, we ensure Google always has a fresh view of your site. When you rank high in search results, you gain traffic. When you gain traffic, you gain customers.

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Rise Local is a digital marketing and media broadcasting company based in Dallas, Texas. We’ve optimized over 250,000 local listings as of date, and counting. Our audience analytics allow us to optimize your website’s performance and maximize your search engine results. When visitors engage with your website and you rank high on Google, your business is best poised for success. Click here to get started or contact us to schedule an interview today.

Rise Local uses this data to deploy the appropriate tasks to the appropriate experts, consistently improving your online presence and ensuring your business achieves its goals.

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