Graphic Design

Jessica is our totally amazing graphic designer.

You’ll look great. We guarantee it.

We’re thrilled to introduce Jessica Lee, our in-house expert graphic designer! She has an eye for style and the skill to turn a concept into a complete brand with custom logos and designs. Jessica listens carefully to your ideas and produces exactly what you need to look the part online. She will produce a completely coordinated brand design that you can use across your website, social media, and email campaigns.

Jessica has a degree in Advertising, PR, & Graphic Design from the University of Texas in Arlington. She knows precisely which logo formats and sizes work best for the website and social media. She also has functional design and conversion rate optimization skills to produce great website mock designs. 

Schedule a brainstorm session with Jessica today, or ask her to create some logos for you to choose from. She works hard to produce the very best results, and she never disappoints!


Brochure design

While a strong digital presence is vital, brochures and business cards give your potential customers something tangible to remember you by. We design informative brochures with your custom colors and branding, using high-quality printing materials. Tell readers what you want them to know and hold their interest with colorful photos and easy-to-read layouts.

Logos and letterhead

Think of the Nike swoosh. The Twitter bird. Your audience is more likely to remember you if they can associate your brand with a logo. That’s where our graphic designer comes in! Jessica will create a logo that is instantly recognizable and incorporate it into your marketing materials, including professional letterhead design.

Graphic Banners

Banner graphics should be attractive and eye-catching so viewers will look at the information they present. They should also be consistent with your branding, color palette, and font design. Use them on your website and across your blog and social media platforms to advertise upcoming events, sales, and other important information.