Local Video

Local video is revolutionizing the digital marketing world. While video has most certainly dominated social media campaign strategies, video marketing is now central to your your brand’s outreach and campaign efforts across all channels. In fact, more than 50% of consumers want to see videos from brands—more than any other type of content.

Rise Local captures video footage, b-roll and green screen interviews to maximize your brand’s story-telling, trustworthiness and credibility across multiple marketing channels. Videos on landing pages increases conversion rates by over 80%, and just the mention of a video in your email subject line increases the chance of consumers opening it by almost 20%.

If you aren’t sure where to start, no worries—that’s where we come in. Our full video and production crew work with you and your business to capture your brand and convey it directly to your target audience. We know what works, and even if it’s your first time on camera, we’ll make you look like a pro.

Demo Videos

We know what converts customers, and that’s what we capture in your business. We create demo videos to showcase how your products and services work in a way that appeals to your target audience. This includes footage of you and your staff at work, your product line or putting physical tasks to the test.

Our professional videographers capture your business operations and create unique videos to optimize SEO and your website’s visibility, as well as convert your audience into customers.

Brand Videos 

Rise Local cultivates your brand videos as a part of an advertising campaign to showcase your business’s vision, mission and services. We build around your company’s identity and magnify brand awareness to attract your target audience and convert them into paying customers.

Brand videos establish trust, credibility and proof of work—the ingredients for business growth, high conversion rates and traffic.

Green Screen Interviews

Green screen interviews are where the magic happens. After thoroughly studying your business, our reporters conduct an interview in our professional studio to capture your brand’s identity and showcase your story in a way that grabs customers. 

Our reporters ask you a series of questions to magnify your business credibility and capture your audience. Our video editors put together the footage from your green screen interview that showcases trustworthiness and grabs your target audience. 

The end result is a breathtaking video that captures your story—and tells it the right way.

Educational Videos

Also known as instructional videos, comprehensive educational videos show your audience something new or announce updates to your business. Whether it’s a recent page on your website, a new sign-up form or a change of location, Rise Local creates your educational videos to build your brand knowledge. These are commonly used by sales or service teams when working with new customers.

Customer Testimonial Interviews

Perhaps one of the most important videos, we gather customer testimonials to build your brand’s trust. As successful business owners ourselves, we know what attracts customers and makes your business look trustworthy. Our videographers and reporters capture your clients’ reviews and testimonials to create a video to showcase your brand’s success.

Personal Message Videos

Do you have an announcement or want to directly convey a message to your target audience? Our green screen studio allows us to record professional personal message videos that directly speak to your target audience. Our full production crew captures your message and conveys it across digital marketing channels to directly capture your target audience and bring traffic to your website.

Rise Now. Rise Fast. Rise Local.

Capturing footage both on-site and in-studio, we create the videos you need to support your campaigns and tell your brand’s story. Our editors and videographers make you look trustworthy, and our reporters will make sure you look and sound great. Click here to get started or contact us to schedule an interview today.

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