Search Engine Optimization

Pages that rank high in organic search results do so because of improved search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the strategic use of tools, keywords and practices that help your website rank higher in search engine results and gain traffic. Ranking higher in Google search results brings more people to your website, substantially increasing your business potential.

True expertise in SEO requires a multi-channel marketing expertise that takes years of cultivate and skills that cross multiple marketing disciplines including content strategy, ideation, content planning, local search presence optimization, social media marketing, media production, technical SEO, remarketing and retargeting, and skills to improve website load speed optimization, localization of hosting and a myriad of other skills. The list could go on and on forever. You must focus on user search experience optimization and have a knack for creating user journeys and personas. You need someone with a keen sense for business. It is a multi-faceted skillset that is the difference in a good SEO from a great one. 

Google’s algorithm is ever-changing. This is especially true in the year 2019, where just adding keywords doesn’t cut it anymore. For this reason, SEO requires careful analysis, intrinsic business knowledge and omni-channel marketing strategy in order to rank high on search engine results. For small businesses, SEO can be a full-time job all on its own—leading many business owners to seek marketing experts and web developers to fulfill their SEO goals.

SEO Strategy

As an ever-evolving field, SEO demands constant analytics and strategy. What works today may not work tomorrow, as search engine standards follow user behavior and searches. Rise Local stays one step ahead by constantly monitoring Google algorithms focus shifts and tracking the performance of many websites while pumping away at the factors that impart a website’s performance, as well as how search engines view you. We get down and dirty with website ranking reporting and updates to better understand the search engines that rank content. 

We don’t just try to grab as much traffic as possible, we strategically attract valuable visitors within your target audience. Rise Local does this by analyzing demographics, locations and web searches of your target audience and crafting our SEO strategy to capture those who benefit from your services. We know how to extract your brand positioning and unique value propositions to best position you to an active audience of consumers with money in one hand and the phone in the other ready to buy. Rise Local knows what it takes to increase phone calls, foot traffic, and web form submissions to your business. 

Mobile Devices

Optimizing your website’s compatibility for mobile devices is essential to SEO. Google’s search bot is focused on the mobile view and content. Being responsive with your website is extremely important to getting more leads. You don’t need us to tell you that the online mobile market has far surpassed desktops—you probably already know that. Making sure your website layout and theme are compatible with mobile browsers will help your website rank higher in search engine results.

Rise Local optimizes your website for all browsers and platforms, across the online spectrum. We make sure your loading speed is constantly as close to or under 1 second for a high-performing website and optimized SEO. Anything more than 3 seconds is statistically shown to repel visitors—and we make sure it never gets there. We also focus on localizing your hosting to the region or market you do business. All of this ensures the best user experience and possible conversions for your website. 

Content & Navigation

While many may not realize it, a user-friendly website with easy navigation exponentially boosts SEO and traffic to your business. Rise Local carefully cultivates each page with the right keywords, themes, content and information so your website indexes and ranks high on Google search results and engages users.

At Rise Local, we make our content from scratch. Never duplicated. Never spun. With fresh, original market copy, Google doesn’t muddle you in with the hundreds of other copies on the internet—and you rank higher. How do we do this? Our process consists of on-location video interviews, text interviews, and the knowing how to ask you the right questions at the right time.  Building on your websites’s heirarchical structure takes years of experience knowing what your customers and Google type search engines are looking for. When you learn what factors impact search engines ranking factors the next step is to understand the user intent and journey. 

Social Media

Much like Google and other search engines, social media is an ever-evolving platform. What started off as a basic communication tool quickly evolved into a massive, highly-profitable digital marketing channel. Audience analytics have shown time and time again that many visitors to business websites come from social media. Social media is also the proof that your company is as trustworthy and credible as you believe it is. Your goal with social media is to build an audience of supporters, advocates, and followers who will amplify and engage with what you do, who you are, your team members, and become loyal advocates who will stand up to the internet trolls when needed. Sounds like a pretty tall order huh? The weak of heart do not need to apply. 

Because we know that many users start their search on social media, Rise Local shares engaging, current and personalized content on a posting schedule for your business page. Sharing meaningful, valuable content consistently not only attracts people to your profile, but boosts your website’s SEO and indexation of your brand and website. One of the best uses of social media is to connect with users to your website by extending user engagement and content amplification on websites like Twitter and Facebook. That also means you need to have the right social retargeting plumbing in place to capture these opportunities. We got you!


As we mentioned earlier, you can’t optimize SEO without analytics. When it comes to search engine optimization, proper analysis is vital to ranking high on results. Rise Local utilizes Google Analytics and Google Search Console to carefully monitor how visitors interact with your website, and how your website interacts with search engines.

Dynamic call tracking and form conversion data allows us to optimize your website’s performance and ensure your business continues ranking high on Google search results. If any issues arise, we get a notification immediately so we can resolve it on the spot. Additionally, our local support team assists with any questions or concerns so you’re always on the same page.

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