Web Development

Web Development

Your business website is the absolute center of your marketing world. While all your campaigns, listings, social media profiles and digital efforts flow towards your website, its greatest source of traffic is through organic search. That’s where SEO comes in—and why it’s incredibly important that your company goals match your SEO goals.

Too often, business owners don’t think about SEO until after developing their website. It doesn’t matter how great or shiny your website looks; if digital marketing and SEO aren’t incorporated during web development, it won’t index.

Instead of wasting time and money going through different providers to develop your website, host it, actively incorporate SEO and run paid local search campaigns, Rise Local does it all—and better.

Gathering Information

Basic providers tend to just set up a convenient domain and leave it at that—but we want you to rank high on Google’s search results, so we go deep. When we develop your SEO-optimized website, we gather as much information as possible. This includes learning your business goals, purpose, target audience and gathering any and all existing content.

Purpose, Main Goals and Target Audience

As business owners and entrepreneurs, we know how important it is to build a website around your company’s brand and purpose. Web development isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and the overall purpose of your company plays a heavy role in developing your website. When we understand who you are, we structure your website to tell your story the right way.


After establishing your company’s goals and target audience, we start planning your sitemap and wireframe to reflect your SEO goals. Without a sitemap, Google and other search engines can’t crawl your website pages—or even know you exist.


As successful business owners ourselves, we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we help you rise up the ranks and succeed with optimized sitemap sure to grab Google’s attention. Unlike basic providers, Rise Local works with the search engines instead of just giving you a basic platform to fend for yourself.

An SEO-optimized website is one that allows the search engines to explore and read pages throughout your site. Making sure search engines like Google can easily crawl and understand your content is the first step to boost visibility in search results.


Rise Local makes sure your website is fully SEO-optimized with a comprehensive wireframe that ensures your target audience journeys through your site comfortably and effortlessly.

Your wireframe takes into account the user journey and your audience’s needs. It’s crucial to set up your website’s wireframe early in development in order to establish basic structure indexing and visibility. Without it, Google won’t index your website—and you’ll be invisible to potential customers.


Once we’ve gathered all the information we need to move forward, we begin designing your comprehensive, user friendly and aesthetic layout. Your theme should flow smoothly with the function and purpose of your business, offering your customers an appealing user journey.

Great content ranks high on Google, and that’s why our copywriters create original market copy to flow with your business goals. Our SEO-infused content ensures you index high on search engine results, and convert your audience into customers.

Ready to Launch

After thorough testing and review, your website is ready to launch. With our tried-and-true system, our advanced websites are proven to work and index high on search results.

With a solid digital marketing plan and business model, your SEO-friendly business website drives traffic through organic search, paid search and social media campaigns. Rise Local utilizes our tools and Yext partnership to rank your website and convert customers every day. Are you ready to launch?

Rise Now. Rise Fast. Rise Local.

Rise Local is a digital marketing and media broadcasting company based in Dallas, Texas. We’re operated by successful local business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the market and digital landscape. We’ve optimized thousands of websites and index our clients high on local search results, funneling traffic every day. Click here to get started or contact us to schedule an interview today.

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