Pay-Per-Click Marketing

PPC Ads That Deliver Results

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a strong and effective tool in the overall scheme of your digital marketing plan, but when you are investing money in advertising, then we want to make sure it’s worth the time, money, and effort. Investing your money in PPC advertising not only increases your awareness and brand reputation, but it also boosts your search rankings and delivers more qualified leads. It works alongside our SEO strategies and adds consistency to your overall messaging.

Investing money in PPC advertising takes proper strategizing to do it right and deliver a return on investment. That is were Rise Local; your Dallas-based marketing experts come with more than a decade with experience in PPC marketing.

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Can SEO Help my PPC Campaigns?

Much like the continually changing dynamics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC is a constantly evolving marketing tool and must be properly maintained to deliver the most efficient increase in sales and overall revenue. With over a decade of experience in PPC, our team knows how to select the right keywords to target, how to develop them into a strategy, and, most of all, how to target key audiences better suited for your brand. With Rise Local on your side, your PPC will improve your site’s overall traffic and lead your customers directly to the pages that convert into sales. Our marketing creates advertisements that: provide more leads for your website, generate more conversions for your business, and increase your overall return on investment.

How Rise Local Optimizes PPC

The strategy that delivers greater success in PPC utilizes various marketing avenues to partner with our SEO strategy. Pay-Per-Click management offers you more control than organic search improvements and allows you to jump straight to the top of search results much quicker than SEO alone. Developing a powerful PPC strategy will make use of the following channels of advertisement in SEM and can have a greater impact on the traffic of your business:

Bing Ads – Bing is the second largest search engine and accounts for 15-20% of the overall market. Bing has a comparable amount of users than other search engines; Bing is a lower-cost alternative location to advertise.

Facebook Ads – Facebook is the largest social media platform providing billions of potential customers. Utilizing the ability to advertise and market on this platform is an effective tool for reaching many potential customers and interacting directly with your customer base.

More PPC Advertising Platforms– Apple Search Ads, Instagram, Messenger, Atlas, Audience Network, Waze Ads, etc.

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Rise Local Manages PPC Campaigns Effectively

We know how to create PPC ad content that engages and attracts the right audience and leads them through a sales journey that achieves the desired goals for them and your brand. Once Rise Local learns your business and its goals, we take your Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services to a more profitable position. Our goal is to develop effective PPC campaigns or to improve the strategy of your current PPC campaigns. Many of our campaigns increase the number of clicks for each campaign and lower the average Cost Per Click (CPC) while maintaining or reducing your PPC campaigns’ cost.

Protecting Your Investment

In Pay-Per-Click advertising, we make sure that you are getting a greater return with your marketing budget. We determine what keywords will be the more effective for your business, but we don’t just stop our process there, Rise Local PPC marketing experts monitor your ad performance and costs.

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