Post Covid

We Can Help Your Marketing Recover from Covid

Post Covid

When news of an impending pandemic first began circulating early this year, enterprise local brands began to prepare for what was largely expected to be a temporary business interruption. Outside of epidemiology circles, a wide-ranging lockdown situation wasn’t on the radar until the President declared a national state of emergency. Who could have known that months later, the battle would be raging on as it has?

Across the country, entire segments of industries are still closed. Entertainment, sporting events, airlines, and dine-in restaurants have been hit particularly hard. But, not a single business was left untouched as COVID-19 ravaged the global economy and paralyzed the American workforce, who were ordered to shelter-in-place.

Whether we see a resurgence or continued waves of COVID-19 or have another pandemic to contend with in the future, one thing is clear: brands need a proactive plan for pivoting their local marketing strategy in times of crisis


In times of crisis, consumers immediately seek out sources of reassuring, comforting information. Research showed in early March that even before the national emergency was declared:

  • 90% of consumers were concerned about the crisis
  • 80% had changed their behaviors because of the virus
  • 38% were checking the news more often and 25% used social media more often

This is where our ebook comes into play. By building and sustaining consumer trust during times of crisis, you help people understand how your business is evolving to meet their needs. We want to help local small business brands accomplish this best by doing this:

  • Updating your local pages and website
  • Distributing updated local information to all local listings
  • Modifying messaging on other channels
  • Making good use of email
  • Adapting your local reviews strategy

To learn more best practices for keeping your customers informed amid uncertainty, give us a call at Rise Local SEO to discuss your post Covid marketing strategy.

Create a Great Strategy to Grow the Business w/ the Covid Pandemic