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Spanish Schoolhouse: Boost Enrollment Fast With Education Marketing

SSH is a Spanish immersion school offering exceptional preschool, kindergarten, summer camp, and after-school programs to young learners across Texas. Their good work sets young students up for great opportunities in the future and helps expand their worldview. Spanish Schoolhouse approached Rise Local back in 2015 looking for assistance building a strong online presence for each Spanish Schoolhouse location. 

The Story of Spanish Schoolhouse

Spanish Schoolhouse: Boost Enrollment Fast With Education Marketing

The concept for Spanish Schoolhouse originated in 1999 and came from humble beginnings. Victoria Williams, an American mom, and Monica Ramirez, a mom from Mexico joined forces to teach a band of young children Spanish in a living room. At this time, they had no plans to turn this into a business. They just wanted to introduce their kids to a vibrant culture and teach them a new language.

Shortly after, the ladies started offering a summer camp, and after local schools removed Spanish from the curriculum, they also expanded to after-school programs. This decision came after another local mom encouraged Victoria and Monica to start an after-school program to fill that void. They contacted the ISD and the principal jumped at the opportunity, and just like that Spanish Schoolhouse was official. This also led them to Josie Gerber, a mom at the school who was originally from Peru. When she saw the efficacy of Spanish immersion, she joined the ranks as a teacher and soon became an SSH partner.

Then in 2003, the three moms worked together and opened their first Spanish immersion preschool in Frisco, Texas. Spanish Schoolhouse’s unique curriculum is taught by native Spanish speakers from around the world and caters to both heritage students and students who are new to the language. They teach students Spanish through cultural immersion and use music, games, and crafts to help preschoolers, kindergarteners, and campers learn. They have been incredibly successful in their pursuit of educating the next generation of global citizens and have taught more than 15,000 children in 18 different schools. Since starting out in a living room 22 years ago, SSH has been able to positively impact the lives of children in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston, Texas. 

Increase Enrollment by Improving Local Search Visibility and SEO

Spanish Schoolhouse: Boost Enrollment Fast With Education Marketing

Spanish Schoolhouse came to Rise Local looking for solutions to drive parents to their school and improve enrollment rates. They wanted to target parents looking for a special way to enrich the lives and communication skills of Pre-K students in a healthy educational environment built around Spanish language immersion. The website needed to do more than just capture recurring tuition payments, it needed better local search results. 

Rise Local Delivers Results

“I feel that they are truly invested in the growth of our business.” 

– Robin Moloney (Spanish Schoolhouse)

Spanish Schoolhouse: Boost Enrollment Fast With Education Marketing

Rise Local has improved organic and local search results for Spanish Schoolhouse by more than 400% since taking them on as a client. We accomplished this by focusing on a few key objectives: building trust and credibility, educate parents about Spanish Schoolhouse, prioritize organic growth, and carve out a niche market that people really care about. 

Our first step was making sure Spanish Schoolhouse had a website built to handle high-volume traffic. Next, we had to ensure that each SSH location had a complete local search profile and Google My Business (GMB) listing. We also used tactics like voice search integration and optimization to ensure the school would be highly visible no matter how an interested parent made their query. 

More recently, the Rise Local web development team create 16 microsites so each SSH location would have a strong, standalone presence to capture the attention of local families seeking the best education for their children. To rank better on organic search results pages, our content team repurposes previous posts, edits them to fit the needs of each location, optimizes all posts for local search, and then our web developers publish them across all 16 Spanish Schoolhouse microsites. This content marketing strategy helps our clients keep costs low, all while informing potential customers, increasing page count, and improving local visibility.

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