You know what I hate? Domain service providers who confuse you small business owners into wasting time and money.

In fact, nothing gives me greater joy than moving your domains away from places like Godaddy, Host Gator, 1&1,, etc. Why? Because their entire business depends on making things so confusing that you cave and pay their ridiculous fees.

Let’s pick on GoDaddy because in my experience they are the worst offender.

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Admiral Ackbar recently shared his thoughts on GoDaddy’s domain services

Godaddy heavily promotes cheap domain registration services. Then during checkout they bombard you with a bunch of add-on services and fees. Everything they throw at you sounds legitimate, important – even required. Guess what. It ain’t.

Even worse, GoDaddy baits you with “free” services they bundle in with things like domain registration and web hosting. None of those services are designed for your benefit. As Admiral Ackbar once said, “It’s a Trap!”

I have a client who once unwittingly set up their entire company’s email service on package of free email accounts bundled with a $4 hosting account. There was hardly a way to tell the email service were linked to the hosting service. Anyways, the guy no longer needed the hosting so he cancelled it. Nixing that $4 hosting account permanently wiped out all email stored on Godaddy’s servers for the entire company. Ouch!

Friends, stop using shady domain service providers that do stuff like this. If that’s how your marketing or IT guy set you up it’s time to make a switch. All you have to do is give us a call. Not only will we file the divorce papers we will even help you move.

One more tip.

If you, the business owner, has someone else managing your domain and hosting accounts you got bigger problems. You can’t afford to loose your domains to a pissed off employee you had to let go, or a web developer holding a grudge. Remember, if its not in your account it’s NOT your domain. Period.

These things are not hard to manage. Our portal is dead simple and we are here to help. Once you have control you won’t have anything to worry about.

You will be amazed how great you feel when your mission critical services are properly cared for and your saving money to boot!


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