Let’s face it. Your website does not have enough content to rank on search engines because you have nobody to write what needs to be written. By now we can assume you are on Podum and have addressed your technical website crawl and indexation issues and are on your way to improving your local search visibility, once you expand your website content to match your service area.

Trying to come up with localized content while running your business is a challenge for most local business owners. Unfortunately outsourcing your content writing may not be the best solution. What you need is someone to take whatever it is YOU CAN produce and make it work. What you want is better product and service descriptions and your content localized to your market. Expanding your content is easy with Rise Local.

For a small one-time or monthly fee we can produce the following:

  • Write blog posts that talk about news, local events, and activities going on in your city and service areas
  • Create videos about charity events your business participates in or supports
  • Create city-specific pages on your site making sure that every page has distinctly different content that is more than 600 words on the page

Some of the things included in our local content expansion campaigns:

We sprinkle your city name and neighborhood information in your content as it should be. We understand that reputation is an important component, so we add your local testimonials and reviews to your location pages, following best practices and no copying reviews from Google.

Of course we can’t do it all. Some of the content produced needs to be published to other local websites and link back to yours, whether it be industry or community related. Getting you on the front page of the local paper isn’t something we do, but once you get there we can tell you how to leverage the exposure to improve your local visibility with our content expansion.

So, when you are ready to take your Podum site to the next level, ask your account manager how content expansion can improve your lead volume.