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Top 7 Digital Marketing Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding digital marketing. Oftentimes, these myths make small business owners hesitate to delve into the world of online marketing. This is a mistake because digital marketing efforts are actually even more important for small businesses and can help you outrank your competitors on a local level. It can also help you improve your services by utilizing market research tactics, and drive profit by reaching a global audience. Just about all of your clients are online in some manner. So it’s well worth considering this option (which is more cost-effective than traditional marketing) to help grow your business. Below, we will debunk some common marketing myths and give you the down low. 

Digital marketing is a scam

There is nothing further from the truth. Digital marketing is a great asset to businesses because it increases exposure, brand awareness, allows you to engage with customers, and allows you to ask for feedback that can ultimately help grow your business. What you need to be on the lookout for are digital marketing agencies and individuals that have impure intentions. A lot of them will try to get your money, only to buy you social media followers, or write non-strategic copy for your website that is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Do your research and work with a trusted company like Rise Local that has the knowledge and experience to drive sales leads that actually convert and posit your company as a local industry authority. 

Content marketing isn’t important

This type of marketing is essential. Content marketing plays an important role in every sphere of digital marketing. If you’re not consistently publishing relevant and unique information to your website, you won’t rank well on popular search engines like Google. That’s basic SEO. You need well-written content and professional media ready to go when a potential customer clicks on a paid advertisement. You need an engaging blog that specifically targets a clearly defined audience. This will encourage higher click-through rates and can also be leveraged for social media. Content marketing is everything.  

Digital marketing doesn’t convert to sales

This one may have been true once upon a time. When digital marketing was just getting started it was all about getting high impressions, going viral, and increasing brand awareness. Those things are great and can still be a goal in the overall marketing plan. However, now we have the capabilities to do so much more. Rise Local can analyze metrics to better understand your audience and what they’re looking for. This can help us strategize where to place paid ads and influence our content creation efforts. 

Facebook is enough

This one oftentimes isn’t true. Most companies need to be utilizing a variety of social media platforms. We won’t argue that Facebook is a great resource, but there are so many other platforms out there that will allow you to expand your reach and increase your profits. You can try out Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, or experiment with some other ones! These all have a low barrier to entry and a great benefit. 

My competitors don’t use digital marketing, so I don’t need to

Just because your competitors aren’t utilizing digital marketing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Compete against yourself! Digital marketing can help you increase awareness about your brand, explain and promote your services, and introduce you to a brand new market. This is what drives growth– not just jumping back and forth between the same old clients and depending on word-of-mouth reviews. 

Negative reviews are bad

This isn’t entirely true. Unaddressed negative reviews are bad. But when an unsatisfied customer leaves a review, that gives you the opportunity to publicly rectify or negate the problem. When handled correctly, a negative review can actually be a testament to your business and improve your reputation. 

More traffic means more money

This isn’t necessarily true. While it’s exciting to get a lot of impressions and build brand awareness, it’s not necessarily more effective. You need to be targeting the correct audience. The same goes for advertisements. Your marketing and messaging should cater to the people most likely to resonate with your product or service. These are the people that will open their wallets and allow your company to grow. 

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