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Web Hosting– The Little Known Secret For Online Marketing Success

The whole point of marketing is to generate more revenue, right? Well, before most companies see an uptick in sales, they see an uptick in website traffic. Whether potential buyers are doing some research about you, or they’re actively shopping on your eCommerce website– it needs to support more traffic. When you buy web hosting from some big companies (we won’t name names, but feel free to ask!), you’re getting cheap hosting. The minute you start getting more traffic, you’ll see why the price point was so low. 

Why does hosting matter?

Today, we’re going to start at square one and explain why hosting matters. Your website’s URL is its address. That’s how people find company information and can talk to experts before making their final decision. Hosting plays an important role in this process because it ensures that your “home” exists when potential buyers visit your (web) address. 

Website hosting is an online service that lets you publish website pages on the internet. All you need to get started is a domain name. Then, your hosting provider can store your website on their servers so consumers can find your website at any time. Now, let’s get into why good hosting is crucial for online business marketing. 

Bounce rates can increase by 32% in 2 seconds

In 2017, Google conducted a study showing that if a web page takes 1-3 seconds to load, the bounce rate will likely increase to 32%. That’s a lot of missed customers just because your hosting service wasn’t equipped to display relevant information quickly. Aside from the obvious issue of losing out on clientele, Google’s core web vitals may also dock your site for slow load speeds and stop recommending you on organic search results pages. This dual suppression can do a lot of damage to your income. 

A good hosting service can process information requests lighting fast regardless of how many people are trying to access information at the same time. If you have an eCommerce shop, you may also want to consider splurging for a dedicated hosting environment. 

18.8 billion records were exposed in company data breaches in the first 6 months of 2021

Good web hosting protects your company and your clients from malicious cyberattacks like malware, ransomware, and spyware. This is an ongoing problem for many U.S. companies and about 281.5 million people have been affected by cybercrime since 2021 began. To protect your data and reputation, invest in good hosting. This will help ward off criminals and protect your bottom line. Good Dallas web hosting companies will take measures to optimize your website’s online security. First, all of your web hosts servers should be secure. This safeguards your assets and protects consumer data. Your web hosting company also needs to configure a web application firewall (WAF). This analyzes all web traffic coming through and promptly blocks any suspicious activity. 

While talking about website security, it’s also important to talk about backing up your assets. While you can store some of that information on your computer, a good hosting provider will regularly back up your information so you won’t lose anything if a cyber attacker targets your website. There are numerous other ways Rise Local’s webmaster protects private information– feel free to ask all about it!

Companies that post 8-16 times per month perform better in organic searches

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways for service-based businesses to grow their brand. Of course, paid advertising is great for getting some initial sales, but SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that continues to work for years to come. The key to SEO marketing is publishing velocity. To outperform your competitors, you need to have a higher overall page count and higher quality content. As we mentioned before, good hosting ensures you experience more uptime and potential buyers can access the content you publish. It should also be fast enough to load media assets and lower your bounce rates. 

Rise Local– Dallas web hosting solutions

While good hosting provides solutions to all of the things we talked about today, that’s just the start. If you’re ready for more information, give us a call. Rise Local’s hostmaster can personally explain the benefits of good hosting to you directly. Another benefit of hosting your website with Rise Local Dallas is that you get unparalleled technical support and performance. Our hosting solutions rival each one of the major hosting providers on the market and many of our clients turned to us for help after their initial provider didn’t come through. We hope you’ll take the leap and entrust Rise Local with the important job of protecting your private data and crafting a better user experience for your clients. 

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