How do you know you have the right IT and Marketing people in your organization making decisions?

What kind of team do you want in your organization? You want people who can…

Listen, Execute, and then Add-on.


(where are the ladies in this pic?)

What kind of talent should you look for when hiring IT and Marketing people to join your company?

Ideally, You want folks who will quickly understand your business, follow your direction and contribute to it by Listening, Executing, and Then Adding value. They should listen to what you are asking them to do with your brand, goals for revenue, target audience and buyer personas producing discussions around targeting and building cohorts. These folks should look to execute your plan your way, and then add value or recommendations to improve. Only after they have listened and executed can they add more new and fresh ideas. If they do it out of order you know you have a “bad apple.” If the first thing you want a marketing company to do is to start an ad campaign there is a good chance you are hiring the wrong people.

You want people who can make a good change in your organization, but only if they start by listening and executing. Most HR managers or marketing managers who hire don’t follow this principle because they don’t always ask the right questions. It is hard to tell before hiring someone how well they can listen and execute. A couple of easy questions I would ask are:

When improving our IT and Website Hosting, what considerations do you take when determining our direction? Look for answers that show they have interest in learning about what you are doing, your plan to execute that vision and how they can add value. If the first thing they start talking about is new ideas, you know that is how they work.

Another good question: Can you tell me some examples of how you improved marketing results for another company and what they did and what you did to achieve them? Listen hard for examples of how they executed on someone else’s idea or how they followed the Listen, Execute, and Add Value process. You will be able to tell fairly quickly who you are working with.

One other thing. We only work with business owners, so if you are talking to a sales rep and not the person managing the WIP (what we call the Work in Progress) you are at an extreme disadvantage and it is likely that you need to look within the person you are asking to manage the IT and Marketing Provider. It is always best to work directly and not via proxy. You save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Who do you not want on your team?

There are 3 dangerous hires you can make.

  1. The first is someone who listens very well doesn’t execute and goes straight to adding.
  2. Then you have someone who doesn’t listen well, just says they need to get their hands on since that is how they learn, then they fail to execute because they didn’t listen and then adds on.  Did they follow the process?
  3. The third is someone who listens, then executes, but doesn’t add on. The last one is oftentimes the most dangerous. This is an order taker type person who just wants to clock in, clock out, and go home. They are oftentimes the ones who you feel “milk the clock.”

Ideally, you want to hire a bunch of people in your organization that will add feedback, adding additional value, adding innovation, making changes and challenging the current processes after they listened and executed. This is an organization of people that will grow your company and probably be open to using the expertise and tools that organizations like Rise Local provides.

The best advice is everyone work as closely with the owners as possible. Nobody else cares as much as they do. SMEs (what we call subject matter experts) are the talent. These days you will find that the business owners are not executive sales types but the subject matter experts themselves.

All the best in 2018, and if you don’t want to have to worry about your digital presence, just send me a message and I will get you squared away!



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