Professionally produced videos look great and all…

I have produced so many videos over the years that I can’t begin to count them. Videos for many different purposes and all different kinds of small and medium sized brands. What I have learned from doing so many video shoots with stakeholders is that you never want to take someone who has never been on camera and create a scripted video. It just doesn’t work. Sure I recommned you storyboard your content and do plenty of planning ahead of time, but trying to get a business owner to stick to a script on a video is a futile effort. They are not actors. That doesn’t mean you should spend the money and hire an actor either. Having a talented video editor and videographer who knows how to edit and get plenty of B-roll is what makes a big difference in the quality of your videos.

One of the other techniques that makes video work is how you shoot your content. Interview style videos are the best way to produce content for a brand that is new to video. Unlike scripted videos, when you do an interview style while having the person being filmed look at the interviewer you don’t have issues with the content never coming out looking unoriginal. Interview style videos work very well for origin story and corporate overview videos and your 30 to 60 second informational product and service videos. These are the core videos we recommend producing professionally.

What Kind of Videos Should You Produce on a Small Budget?

The bulk of the video content you should be producing for your brand should not come from a professional with a camera but from your phones. That is the problem with professionally produced video it isn’t oftentimes professionally produced, professionals know that it must look authentic. 

The budget for a video shoot can be broken down into 3 phases: 

Pre Production Phase – The time planning for the shoot (interview questions, number of cameras, story boarding, discovery, location preparation, etc)

Filming Phase – The gear, equipment, film, photos, and waivers being collected by videographer

Post Production Phase – The editing, voice-over, logo/motion graphic design, b-roll editing, etc) 


The reason these scripted videos don’t work is that they are far from engaging. Your video content being engaging is critical to your video being successful. Engaging content is shareable. Shareable content means it gets shared because it hits an emotion in the viewer. When we get real authentic content with a compelling story produced and edited or short iPhone made videos uploaded to Facebook we see fantastic results with the engagement and shares. Thus increasing the visibility of the content we are amplifying. When we load the right content for the right audience and it looks real you win. This solves the most significant problem with social media, what do I post. You post what is happening in your business, your customers videos they give to you about your business, and you post things that help your customers or the content that furthers your brand’s mission.

If you need some advice on filming your next video project, send us a message and we will give you some advice.  If you want a professionally produced video overview, origin story, product video or other click here.