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We are Dallas local digital marketing experts who are here to help entrepreneurs, like us, build a business that becomes a legacy in supporting local communities.

John O'Grady

"John O'Grady is a leader in digital marketing with many years of experience helping small businesses succeed."

Mike Stewart

"Mike Stewart was a pioneer in helping small businesses take advantage of the internet to put their business on the map. Today, he continues to stay on the cutting edge of new digital marketing trends to help clients reach their goals."

Joe Stewart

Web Development
"Joe is a skilled web developer with a keen sense of how to blend design and strategy."

Ben Brehanu

Web Developer
"Ben is a technically skilled web developer who is great at developing custom web applications to meet customers' specific needs."

Chandler Hopper

Social Media Manager
"Chandler is a dynamic social media manager who understands the needs of clients and creates effective strategies to reach new customers on social media."

Cassidy Featherstone

Social Media Coordinator
"Cassidy is a vibrant social media coordinator who crafts unique content to fit each client’s needs."

Jingle Grace Gratz

Production Support Technician
"Jingle is a production technician who works tirelessly to build the perfect website for your company."

Meria Ivy

"Meria is a copywriter dedicated to writing well-researched blog posts that will inform your customers and promote sales for your business."

Kevin Adams

Director of Advertising
"Kevin oversees all of the advertising for Rise Local’s clients and leverages paid ads to drive traffic to your website and encourage sales growth."

Ruben Garcia

Media Field Producer
"Ruben is an experienced media and film producer and Rise Local's creative director. Ruben knows captures the heart and soul of our customers on camera."

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