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Michael Young

Michael Young

ComputerCPR is a professional local IT consultancy serving the city of Southlake and surrounding areas. The owner, Michael Young, founded Computer CPR in 2007 with the goal of providing superior local Information Technology support, Michael sketched a logo, hung posters in nearby neighborhoods and began operating the company out of his home. Once word spread […]

Lynn Busch

Lynn Busch

Since 1979 Lynn Bush has been helping people sort through life’s issues. Her experience, curiosity, continuing education, and extensive readership and authorship keep her clients current on new solutions to age-old relationship problems.

Steven Dietz

Steven Dietz

I have been in business for my self for 24 years. Status 26 is the first marketing firm that has actually provided my company with more return in growth than money spent. If you are not doing business with these guys you are throwing your money away.

Eddie Salazar
John Teakell

John Teakell


Chris Calvert
Dionne Davis

Dionne Davis



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Our Team Members

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John O’Grady

CEO & Co-Founder

John straddles a thin line between running the business and directing the operations. He is a team leader with a passion for innovation and platform improvements.

SMU Cox Executive MBA Program graduate and experienced working in the stack. He focuses his time overseeing the Rise Local marketing operations command center as CEO of Status26. 


Mike Stewart

CMO & Co-Founder

A true entrepreneur at heart, Mike is a 20-year veteran of local media. You won’t find a marketer more dedicated to your success than Mike. He is a multi-talented sales pro.

Mike was a local search expert witness, industry speaker for link building and local search as well as Board Member for many years with the DFWSEM.  

Chandler Hopper

Social Media Manager

To keep the content publishing drum beating in rhythm, it really pays to have organizational superpowers. Chandler keeps her email inbox close to empty.

Chandler’s special skills are in knowing just the right thing to say for our customers on social media and content marketing.

– Mike Stewart 

Ruben Garcia

Website Developer / Field Producer

Ruben doesn’t fear failure, tackles digital marketing problems head on and never gives up. He is a real team player and drives the creative standard at Rise Local. He is a multifaceted creative producer with a big heart. 

Janna Weiss

Sr Editor Copywriter

Veteran freelance writer and proofreading connoisseur. Janna puts in writing the formula for client marketing. Never duplicating local SEO copy.

Janna really loves to create content ideas that help tell the story and improve the customer experience. SEO results are a byproduct of publishing really great content. 

 – Mike Stewart

Kevin Adams

Paid Media Expert

Since 2004, Kevin stayed up-to-date on the latest tricks, tools, and trends in digital marketing and especially paid search. He is an expert at making clients more money.

Kevin is a respected paid search and paid social speaker at industry conferences like PubCon and State of Search. 

Jessica Lee

Sr Graphic Designer / Photographer

Specialized but not limited to print graphic design, Jessica brings creative thoughts and applies them to the companies she helps to grow. 

Jessica also captures media to support marketing campaigns for the Rise Local team. 

– John O’Grady 

Ben Nuro

Website Support

A developer, engineer, creator. Ben builds engaging and interactive platforms from the ground up. He is a WordPress master of content publishing, theme conversion, and content layout + design.