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Google Analytics is providing new insights about rising consumption trends with Google Ads

The information Google collects using Google Analytics is incredibly useful to business owners. However, understanding website traffic statistics can be quite challenging. We’ll be honest with you– analytics are hard. People spend a lot of time and money to gain expertise about this tool, time you may not have while trying to run a successful business. Much like mining for gold, you must dedicate your time and efforts to digging through complex data to find a crumb of gold. The gold of course being the element of your website that’s driving the most traffic. 

The Program

Google Analytics can be a bit scary to those who don’t have a lot of experience with it. But it doesn’t have to be. The software can be incredibly beneficial to you, once the data is more manageable. Google Analytics measures your ROI for your website and social media platforms. The marketing and web development team at Rise Local can capture this information, and dissect it for you. Then, you can use our neat and concise reports to better understand your audience.

Useful Data

Google Analytics tracks website activity like impressions, session duration, click-through rate, pages per session, bounce rate, and more. This gives you insight into what your clients are engaging with, so you can offer them more of just that. It’ll also tell you how prospective clients are finding you. Are they coming from channels, paid channels, referrals, or somewhere else? (Hint: This information is key to maximizing the benefit of paid advertising.) Google Analytics can really drill down to the basics. Once you know your audience’s demographic, age, preferred technology, and more marketing efforts will be a breeze. You may even discover that you can include new services or expand existing ones to increase revenue. 

New Consumption Trends Insights

Many companies have struggled to keep up with the changes in shopping behaviors, ushered in due to the Coronavirus pandemic. This can make it difficult to find your niche and optimize advertising campaigns. That’s why Google is here and making changes to help business owners. Google is now incorporating emerging trend insights into Google Ads. This will alert marketing agencies like ourselves to new trends, so we can swivel and adjust ad campaigns so they don’t lose efficacy. The charts will display rising interests in relevant fields and a plethora of more specific elements, that are just sitting there waiting for us to capitalize on.  

Customer Segmentation

Each customer is different and will navigate your website differently. If you opt to utilize Google Analytics advanced features, you can start classifying customers based on certain factors. That way you can direct customers in different niches to information relevant to them, and you’ll get a better ROI for paid ads. For example, if you have a retail business but you also service contractors they really shouldn’t be seeing the same information and advertisements. Someone working on a small home repair won’t need the same information or materials as a commercial contractor. Work smarter! Direct customers to the information they need quickly or risk them clicking off your website completely. 

Paid Ads

We’ve already discussed how Google Analytics can help you decide where to put your advertising money. However, it can also show you how well your ad campaign is performing. You’ll need to track conversion rates to be sure your investment is profitable. Google Analytics can track which emails, posts, and pages advertisements perform best on for impressions and sales. 

Content Creation

Google Analytics can also tell us which keywords are reeling in the customers. We can leverage this information for SEO purposes and user engagement. This information can be used in blog copy and web pages to drive further traffic to your website. You can also compare your stats to relevant competitors. 

Content is key, and when you work with us we’ll never stop reminding you of that. By consistently publishing content you’ll rank higher in search engine results organically, which is precisely what we want. That’s why it’s important to publish informative blogs, engaging infographics, and dynamic visuals across various platforms. Some of the data you find may show that customers are “bouncing” from your website. This likely means users are finding you, but not the information they need. Our digital marketers can analyze data to find out why people aren’t staying on your site, and help create content that will engage your audience. Engaged searchers are much more likely to convert to quantifiable sales. Not only will this data help increase impressions and sales from your websites, but it’ll also help us maximize engagement on your social media platforms. 

Rise Local Marketing and Analytics Experts

We are an IT and digital marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. The Rise Local team is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs utilize ever-evolving technology and industry best practices to promote sales growth. Rise Local is passionate about supporting small local businesses and will dedicate all of our expertise and facilities to meet your needs. Our full-service agency is eager to fulfill your domain, hosting, marketing, and metric analysis needs. Please, visit our website to learn more about our services and schedule a free initial consultation. We look forward to working with you! 

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