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Social Media is Key to Marketing Your Business

Your business needs a social media presence. There’s just no way around it. Even if you don’t use social media in your personal life, it’s a great way for clients to find your business organically. It’s a fantastic way to disseminate information about promotions, services, and show proof of work.

 If you’re not effectively utilizing social media, and your competitor is then chances are you’re going to lose business to them. Just because they provide customers with direct access to answers and visuals of their previous work. The client doesn’t want to pick up the phone or wait for you to respond to an email. They don’t have time to request photos of your previous work. Why would they choose you when they can just easily shoot off a message to your rival and receive an immediate response? 

Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram are all particularly valuable social media platforms that can help grow your business. When you commit to growing your social media presence you are committing to improving your brand awareness, customer engagement, and ultimately sales because you can receive customer feedback and provide better customer service. Our social media experts can help you manage these goals in a few different ways. 

Social Media Audit

When you work with the social media experts at Rise Local, we can audit your social media platforms and assess their performance. We can measure specific indicators of success such as engagement and publishing metrics, referral traffic, audience demographics, and more. Auditing your social media accounts can help us better understand your company, set goals, and formulate a strategy to achieve them. 

If you don’t already have a brand guide our accomplished designers can help craft one during this process to improve your cross-platform consistency. It’s important to establish a brand standard so messaging is clear and consistent throughout social media, product imagery, and promotions. This is a small detail that makes a big difference. 

Social Media Strategy

During the initial social media audit, we can determine areas of opportunity. Our social media team can then work closely with our content creators and copywriters to produce outstanding content and then amplify it on social media. We know that’s it’s important to tell a story and provide useful information. Rise Local’s content team can take care of all of that. Then, our expert social media managers can help get it in front of your target audience and convert searches to sales. 

Manage Goals Using Analytics and Metrics Reports

Once we establish a marketing strategy and formulate an advertising campaign, it’s important to monitor it. Measuring analytics will help ensure we’re hitting targets and your company is on the right track to meet all of its goals. We can also keep track of which of your posts are performing the best. Once we know what your audience likes we can give them more of it!

Customer Service and Engagement

An important part of social media management that a lot of people don’t think about is customer service. Our social media team can craft a uniform web presence and use that standard to quickly and efficiently resolve customer complaints. Our friendly and professional staff can manage basic inquiries and monitor reviews to ensure you’re making the right impression on prospective customers.

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