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Why Hosting Matters For Local Search Results

When most business owners talk about SEO they are usually thinking about on-page optimization. For those who don’t know, on-page optimization is just developing pages on your website, to make them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP). Digital marketing folks love to sell that stuff because it’s easy, high-margin work. The problem is in the efficacy. Fully optimized META tags aren’t going to hide the fact your website isn’t loading, because your hosting services are subpar.

For now, let’s just focus on the basics. When it comes to Local SEO, where you host is just as important as the content on your website. In order for people to access the top-notch content going up on your website, they need access to your website. Slow web speeds and media that won’t load aren’t going to make a great impression on prospective clients. That’s why you should utilize a managed hosting agency like Rise Local SEO. We can make sure your website is up and functioning when people want to access it. When you host with us, you’ll get great bandwidth and storage so your website can handle a surge in customers. We offer a quick turnaround time on customer support tickets and no surprise fees. Local web hosting also offers a number of benefits for your company. Keep reading to learn more about them!

Publishing Velocity

Local content drives your SEO results. While most business owners are quick to grasp that concept, many are shocked by the amount of tweaking and optimizing that’s required to streamline the publishing workflow. Indeed, local SEO is a WordPress arms race. Maintaining a content feed requires installing the right themes, configuring an assortment of plugins, and adding integrations. The Rise Local OptStar team is constantly loading photos, videos, text, and raw data into the sites they support. This all requires a very flexible server environment with lots of capacity and resources. A stock WordPress build just isn’t enough to win the race.

Hosting on Local Web Servers

We’ve noticed that when web servers are located in the markets our customers serve, the sites load faster and rank better. Although, our tests so far don’t indicate whether that’s due to the faster load speeds, or improved locational signals. However, we do see a trend. The physical location of the website’s server significantly impacts your SEO rankings. That’s why we store our servers locally, so your clients won’t be stuck waiting for your website to load.

Web Server Capacity

Hosting providers do not anticipate your website will bring in much traffic. That’s why they load you up with disk space and throttle your capacity. Most customers will need to upgrade disk space long before they need to increase RAM and bandwidth. Many campaigns are doomed from the start for one simple reason– every time Google crawls the website, it slows down. Think about it. If a website can’t even handle Google’s crawler it certainly won’t recommend sending more traffic.

Rise Local

Our servers are located in Dallas so we can monitor service and provide high-speeds to our clients in Texas, and all around the United States. If you’re tired of customers bouncing off your page, because it’s taking too long for them to find what they’re looking for we can help! The hosting experts at Rise Local have 15+ years of hosting experience and can securely store your website’s data on our servers. Then our content and web development teams can take the reigns and improve your web rankings and presence.

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